Why Sam Darnold's trade feels eerily similar to Ryan Tannehill | #Greeny
ESPN's Mike Greenberg reacts to Sam Darnold's trade from the New York Jets to the Carolina Panthers and also explains why Darnold's situation is similar to that of Ryan Tannehill.
#NFL #Jets
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  • Shy David
    Shy David

    Y’all acting like Ryan Tanahil didn’t stick before gase

  • Jack Glastra
    Jack Glastra

    Were all those picks wrong, though?

  • digonto zahid
    digonto zahid

    And sam will have a stud rb just like tanehill....

  • PumpOfWallStreet

    I think I'm about done with every espn commentator when it comes to these takes. Ryan was a back to back 4000 yard passer with Gase and battled through multiple injuries and got Miami to the playoffs. Darnold has been statistically the worst QB in the nfl and can barely break 200yds a game. Please tell me how this is eeriely similar? Sam is a bust. 22 turnovers his jr. Year at USC, he can't read a defense, he can't move an offense but the narrative will still stand because nobody wants to admit that he SUCKS. Chris simms is the only analyst that said Darnold coming out of the draft was only worth a second round pick and everyone else had him in the top 5. Enough of this

  • Jeffrey Haverkos
    Jeffrey Haverkos

    So ready for football this covid sucks so badd!!!!

  • Jeffrey Haverkos
    Jeffrey Haverkos

    Panthers have got to get a left tackle and a guard I played football long it all starts up front yalll know

  • Jeffrey Haverkos
    Jeffrey Haverkos

    As a panther fan hate drama hope both our teams have some good games this year and covid goes away!!!!

  • Juan Manuel Cabrera
    Juan Manuel Cabrera

    I love GREENY!!! Tru Jets fan!!


    I believe in what Douglas is doing. As bad as Gase is I do not see what everyone else see in Darnold. I wish him well but I feel like everyone is wrong about this how good Darnold will be.

  • They Don't Know
    They Don't Know

    At least Sam Darnold is not on his fourth team fighting for a #3 job like Chosen Blosen "the most NFL ready"

  • B. Cutta
    B. Cutta

    as a Jets fan he never had a chance

  • Wesley Walker
    Wesley Walker

    Please crybaby Greenberg please find another team to root for

  • George Liveris
    George Liveris

    "And with the first pick in 2024 NFL draft, the Jets select Arch Manning, quarterback, Tennessee."

  • Sam Acosta
    Sam Acosta

    Go Sam!, we're moving to Carolina with you. Were o er 3000 fans in my group.

  • Ira Hines
    Ira Hines

    People wanna talk about Sam darnold getting ruined and don’t wanna talk about josh Rosen terrible situation

  • Michael Caffrey
    Michael Caffrey

    Joe Burrow was a third round trade the yrs before, then lit it up. Don't understand the confusion about Mac Jones.

  • Michael Caffrey
    Michael Caffrey

    All were good players, if they still had them they might have a team, but to much organizational disfunction.

  • Hmni Kadoza
    Hmni Kadoza

    The Names Coples and Milliner still give me Agita. Pryors lucky I remember Richard more than Calvin.

  • Silveryo

    Yea except darnold doesn’t have multiple 4000 yard seasons

  • blackbusiness7

    This sums up PERFECTLY how I feel about all of this. I hope the Jets draft Sewell and trade for Watson. That's the only way this can be made up to me.

  • Chris Nalina
    Chris Nalina

    Good riddance to Darnold. The guy never played a full season. Now he can go play his 8 or 9 games a year for a different team. As a Jet fan I look at as addition by subtraction.

  • Micheal Hudson
    Micheal Hudson

    Sam darnold has a chance to be a top 5 qb with the talent in carolina, if he has any talent. I think Sam will be a good qb. Hopefully he proves me right

  • Shawn Baker
    Shawn Baker

    Really wanted him in Washington!!!!

  • David Longo
    David Longo

    I wouldn't even let Adam Gase sell hotdogs in my stadium, if I owned a team.

  • Jose Bocanegra
    Jose Bocanegra

    Wonder if cherry-picked stats, scapegoating Adam Gase, and wishful thinking, may prevent Sam Darnold from becoming another Chuck Long.

  • Chairun

    So Bridgewater threw 15 tds and 11 ints under Rhule and Brady so I am not going to say they are masters at improving QBs at the NFL level, sorry. I've watched every single Darnold game and while he make incredible throws at times, he misses easy ones and wide open guys more than you would like. A coach is supposed to get players open and a QB is supposed to execute the play. Neither Gase or Darnold lived up to that.

  • Claudina Laukitis
    Claudina Laukitis

    The imaginary technician traditionally bore because gym temporally hunt without a orange throat. noxious, probable inventory

  • Tevin Franklin
    Tevin Franklin

    Wilkerson was a dawg though

  • Mister E
    Mister E

    Zach Wilson is next on the exit train following Sam. Congrats to Darnold, he’s going to do well in Carolina.

  • N C
    N C

    Sam Darnold has a fat head

  • sharkl11

    Good luck to Zach Wilson in NY

  • Colby Naranjo
    Colby Naranjo

    Well Said Greenie... You spoke that exact sentiments that many jet fans feel.

  • ADbarnyard90

    The lions are still worse than the Jets one playoff win since 1958

  • hovertrout1

    C'mon now, Sponge Bob Squarepants Dork Darnold could not carry Tannehills jock. Ryan was a college WR. Anyone think Potatoe head could line up at receiver? I held up a grade of D when Darnold was drafted I was there and in the minority. Not impressed. Unathletic, no confidence, turnover machine at USC too. Kermit the Frog biased Jets fan boy Mikey Greenie is clue less just like Jason Smith declaring Darnold as Joe Namath, now crickets.

  • SteVoBooZe

    Or it can just be Darnold isn’t that goooood

  • chriscma1

    Its a new atart for rhe woeful Jets. Getting rid of Gase was the best development this decade. Only rhat the Johnsons' appear to be allowing Joe Douglas run the show without their interference. Finally, there's no blame for Sam. Its a matter of timing and contracts. There's hipe the team may be headed in the right direction at last. Still, this is the Jets we're talking about.

  • Andrew Williams
    Andrew Williams

    Availability bias. That’s the reason why this feels similar.

  • TheHighlanderprime

    Tannehill was a better player with the Dolphins that had Game and also a not so great team … Mike G. isn’t one to align with because his opinions usually are too emotional and miss the evidence on the playing field.

  • Evan Harris
    Evan Harris

    Darnold is better than Tannehill? Do better Greeny

  • penguin icedelta
    penguin icedelta

    Wasn't Daniel Jeremiah talking about Wilson last year? I think I remember him talking to Rich Eisen about the BYU kid

  • Yo Yo
    Yo Yo

    Well this was incredibly self-indulgent

  • Sean Burris
    Sean Burris

    Greeny vs Gase

  • hitman L
    hitman L

    They want Darnald to be good soooooo bad lol this is getting sad

  • Michael West
    Michael West

    The New York Jets!!!!!!????? They have a terrible history of making the wrong moves. They should have kept Sam and build a decent team and coaching staff around the former first round pick. They should have traded the #2 pick for a bunch of first round picks in 2021 and 2022/23. They never make the right moves. And I'm a Jets fan! This cycle of questionable decisions never seems to end. We'll see. I think Sam will go to Carolina and show out!

  • Aaron Brown
    Aaron Brown

    I knew he was big mad when he took his glasses off🤣🤣

  • Mathew Rowe
    Mathew Rowe

    Greeny's hatred for Gase is next level.He truly Loathes that cokehead that is Gase, and rightfully so.

    • Colby Naranjo
      Colby Naranjo

      Many Jet fans feel the same way towards Gase.. even people that don't know football had an uneasy feeling when he was hired. ..and if this new rebuild doesn't work out.. ownership HAS TO SELL the JETS.

  • Faco Lots
    Faco Lots

    A lot feel this way. We will get out time.

  • j h
    j h

    poor zach wilson.....this scenario will be repeated in 3 years

  • Erick N
    Erick N

    The Adam Gase effect is in full display, Gase should catch the Bears next season🤷‍♂️😂

  • Ricky Whitehurst
    Ricky Whitehurst

    Darnold is not better than Tannehill

  • Shawn O'Brien
    Shawn O'Brien

    Agree 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% (Insert LOTS of comma's)

  • Supur Man
    Supur Man

    All UP from Here ...

  • Chris Cicio
    Chris Cicio

    Except Tannehill actually produced while on the Dolphins

    • Chris Cicio
      Chris Cicio

      @Colby Naranjo Tannehill had 3 straight 24+ passing TD seasons in Miami with Gase. Darnold hasn't had any seasons above 20 passing TDs in New York with Gase. The difference is one produced in the face of adversity and the other flopped.

    • Colby Naranjo
      Colby Naranjo

      Whatcha talkin about Willis?

  • Christopher Gailliard
    Christopher Gailliard

    I praying you’re right Greeny. I do think Carolina will go Slator or Sewell. If not them then maybe Surtain. I can see them landing Pitts or taking a WR when they have Robby & DJ. Panthers could honestly trade back

  • Ceasar Williams
    Ceasar Williams

    Adam Gase should only be an offensive coordinator assistance, head coaching is not for him IM SO HAPPY HES OUT OF MIA IM STILL PISSED OFF HE TRADED LAUNDRY👉😠👈

  • Ceasar Williams
    Ceasar Williams


  • Anthony Ray
    Anthony Ray

    The Jets are making a big mistake. I would have kept Darnold, moved down so I can get Sewell and a good WR. Or maybe Parsons.

    • Eric Khai
      Eric Khai

      they will pick a non qb in 2021 and pick another usc trojan qb in 2022 lol

  • You Embarrass Me
    You Embarrass Me

    Tannehill never sucked like Darnold...Greenberg doesn't have a clue

  • drockny

    Was anyone talking about Joe Burrow in 2018 Greeny?

  • Jorge R
    Jorge R

    Oh you feel that too huh 🥺

  • BMW Mike
    BMW Mike

    Sam darnold is NOT better than tannehill! Just stop! 😂😂

  • Micah Lawrence
    Micah Lawrence

    Greeny hates his own team so much he's rooting for Darnold in Carolina lol

    • chriscma1

      Its really a love-hate relationship for fans of the Jets.

    • TheHighlanderprime

      It feels that way right?

  • Moto GP
    Moto GP

    Tanahlll actually made good decisions ...DARNOLD WILL BE OUT OF FOOTBALL 3 years BTW GREENIE Sammy IS not a VICTIM!!! Your a TOOL

  • J Polo
    J Polo

    Wow Greeny really? Did you think this up all by yourself?

  • Joe Earz
    Joe Earz

    Absolutely Correct! I Hate The JETS For This Stupid Move.

  • roscoe75

    Sam better improve his TD to interception ratio or he’ll be out on the street.

    • Colby Naranjo
      Colby Naranjo

      Coaching is everything in football.. he is in good hands now.

  • Benjamin Garlinghouse
    Benjamin Garlinghouse

    i gotta tell yah. this is like lookin into a mirror. This frustration isn't an overnight thing, we Jet Fans are so beat down with all the quarterback mishaps and fiscal blunders. the fact that we went from drafting a solid, stable quarterback to hiring a failing coach who we saw twice a year and surrounding him with nothing, firing our GM after the draft, and wasting that poor guy within 3 years, is such a painful thing to see. Sam reminded me of chad pennington. oh, the good ole days...

  • Jonathan Vega
    Jonathan Vega

    People act like Mac won the heisman smh

  • Joshua Jones
    Joshua Jones

    Good thing Mel Kiper Jr. has a horrible track record

  • matthew burton
    matthew burton

    this is what espn needs more of

  • Pedro Henrique Alves
    Pedro Henrique Alves

    I think its more similar to the Drew Bress trade early in his career. But what can we say only time will tell

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    As a Giant fan that year I was mad we didn’t draft Sam Darnold, then I saw the Jets draft him and knew he was an automatic bust. The Jets are the “Mush” of the NFL.

  • thekingbradable

    It’s not similar. At least Tannehill had a couple decent seasons and led his team to the playoffs. Darnold has been awful

  • J. Gomez
    J. Gomez

    They better hope Wilson isn't Mitch Trubisky and Darnold turns into a bettrer player then Tannenhill and leads Carolina to a SB that would suck😬

  • KN Byam
    KN Byam

    Dee Millner had a million surgeries coming out of college and they still drafted him.

    • Colby Naranjo
      Colby Naranjo

      Hackenberg. Gholston, Blair Thomas

  • Anthony Falcon
    Anthony Falcon

    Greeny rants about the Jets is like Stephen A with the Knicks. I love it! 😂

  • Ciaban K
    Ciaban K

    Mohamed Wilkerson wasn't a bad pick, they got that pick correct.

  • Scarletbull

    No it doesn’t!... No it doesn’t! Darnold’s trade feels like Fitzpatrick transitioning to another team ‘cept, Fitzpatrick is actually a BETTER QB. Darnold’s a poor man’s Ryan Fitzpatrick. Darnold is Bizarro to Fitzpatrick’s Supes.

  • Motivated T
    Motivated T

    This tannehill comparison is a joke! Look at Tannehill stats first 3 yrs then look at Darnolds it's not close Tannehill never played that bad never looked that terrible wish you all stop with this bs

  • Pheng Moua
    Pheng Moua

    Shoutout to Greeny for not abandoning his team lol

  • Fifth Down Sports
    Fifth Down Sports

    Go check out my sports channel pls

  • K F
    K F

    ESPN is so clearly against Tua but loves Darnold. Darnold had “a bad offensive play caller, bad O-line, no weapons” but act like Tua is throwing to All-Pros, an O-line full of HoF’s, and has the greatest play caller of all time. I know Darnold had it bad with Gase, I’m a Dolphins fan, he was absolutely terrible. But Tua has played nine games, Darnold has has a whole rookie contract and all of ESPN wants Tua gone but Darnold is the second coming of Brady somehow. If Darnold doesn’t get the starting job over Bridgewater, I guess Matt Rhule is trash all of a sudden.

    • Brian Lohse
      Brian Lohse


  • Mit Flair
    Mit Flair

    Greeny fails to realize that the Jets are in the same spot MIA was when they released Adam Gase. It is for the betterment of the team overalls. It sucks it really does but don't blame the current staff for the demons of the past. We're headed in the right direction. JD needs to see his full Jets contract through.

  • The Cats Meow
    The Cats Meow

    The Jets are such a dumb organization. They’ll draft Zach Wilson and still have a terrible offensive line, while Sam Darnold goes on to have a great career.

  • Danny Yoo
    Danny Yoo


  • Holstorr Sceadus
    Holstorr Sceadus

    You have a 24 hr rule because you need to be able to move on and devote your attention to the next inevitable disaster. Can't wait to see what the Jets blow today.

  • Jamail Taylor
    Jamail Taylor

    One thing is a fact. His turnover ratio is a stain going back from usc into the pros. Numbers don’t lie. I hope he does well.

  • Francis Kanneh
    Francis Kanneh

    The only difference between Tannehill and Darnold is that Ryan Tannehill IS accurate from a clean pocket and Sam Darnold is NOT accurate from a clean pocket.

  • Romeo Tene
    Romeo Tene

    As a jets fan at this point the only thing I can hope For is the panthers to really stink up the joint to make that second round pick better next draft and hope and pray Zach Wilson is everything he’s supposed to be

  • Kevin Burke
    Kevin Burke

    Part of Jets fans obsession with Darnold I think is because the Giants passed on him. Jets fans really wanted Darnold to haunt the Giants for years by having a Hall of Fame career and winning a SB for Jets. They wanted to finally overshadow their big brother. Sorry didn't happen. Lol 🤣

  • rob horton
    rob horton

    People in these comments obviously don’t live in New York and was forced to watch all New York teams and if u guys think darnold is gonna take the panthers to the next level must only watch good highlights of his

  • shiv mirani
    shiv mirani

    I think he’ll be good for us keep pounding!

  • Stanley Robinson
    Stanley Robinson

    Oh come on, can they stop with the Sam Darnold fiasco,

  • Joshua Azenberg
    Joshua Azenberg

    We all know Sam is gonna win MVP. Superbowl MVP. Rookie of the year (because he's getting a do over)... He's gonna win coach of the year and win the 2024 election simply because he's not on the Jets.


    Greeny sums it all.

  • Lil Star
    Lil Star

    28 passing touchdowns and 7 interceptions is what I predict Sam is going to post this season, with a QBR of maybe 98.1, 3,000 passing yards, maybe 3 rushing touchdowns. Yep. He can be better than Tannehill.

  • Ken Lafleur
    Ken Lafleur

    I love the Greeny rants lol

  • Daking2007

    As a Jets fan the smart decision draft Trey Lance or Justin Fields. But we all know they going to do something dumb don’t be suprised they draft someone who supposed to go in the third round at the number 2 pick

  • Greg Badillo
    Greg Badillo

    Ryan tannehill had good football season..

  • GM 360
    GM 360

    I’ve been saying it from the beginning. SAM DARNOLD was on the wrong team!...Now watch how he plays with a different team