Triple H on his iconic WrestleMania moments and thoughts on a retirement match | SportsNation
Triple H on his iconic WrestleMania moments and thoughts on a retirement match | SportsNation
WWE legend Triple H joins Arda Ocal on SportsNation and looks back at some of his most iconic WrestleMania moments, including the “End of an Era” match against “The Undertaker.” Triple H also talks about his role backstage in NXT, his friendship with Shawn Michaels and weighs in on the last match of his career.
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0:00 Triple H compares his nerves and emotions of fighting in WrestleMania to watching the talent he has developed.
2:15 Which WrestleMania matches are you asked about most?
4:00 Triple H dissects his fights with Shawn Michaels.
9:30 Triple H relives WrestleMania 34.
15:38 Triple H on his favorite WrestleMania entrance.
19:35 Triple H shares his thoughts on having a retirement WrestleMania match.
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    0:00 Triple H compares his nerves and emotions of fighting in WrestleMania to watching the talent he has developed. 2:15 Which WrestleMania matches are you asked about most? 4:00 Triple H dissects his fights with Shawn Michaels. 9:30 Triple H relives WrestleMania 34. 15:38 Triple H on his favorite WrestleMania entrance. 19:35 Triple H shares his thoughts on having a retirement WrestleMania match.

    • Real Talk
      Real Talk

      Why is Arda Öcal's audio volume so low?

    • Julius Cotton
      Julius Cotton

      So Triple H is familiar with The Work of Legendary Artist Frank Frazetta? I'm impressed. I wouldn't be surprised to find out HHH has read The Robert E Howard Conan Stories.

    • Serge Gnabry
      Serge Gnabry


  • Matt P
    Matt P

    If Triple H has one last match, he gotta have the long hair.

  • Dan Man
    Dan Man

    Triple H vs John Cena, Stone Cold Steve Austin as special guest referee WM 38 make it happen

  • Scotty bricks
    Scotty bricks

    Triple hs new nickname: The Game "it's a funny thing" Triple H. 🤣🤣🤣

    • Living My Life
      Living My Life

      No, it's Triple _"Its Ironic"_ H.

  • Wayne Bose
    Wayne Bose


  • Warcorpse'sMissingSixPack

    Fun Fact: 2020 is the first year since 1991 that Triple hasn't wrestled in. P.S. For context, Triple H started wrestling in 1992, and since then has competed at least once every year, with 2019 being his last (so far).

  • BigJake Powers
    BigJake Powers

    Hunter is looking more and more like a grumpy old man lol

  • childeharold

    It’s such a weird coincidence that the wrestler that most loved wrestling is now running wrestling. This is always kinda strange for me.

  • Sofia Drosos
    Sofia Drosos

    This was great.

  • Jay Burris
    Jay Burris

    When Triple h & Cena retires that’s it for wrestling

  • Udit Narayan Nanda
    Udit Narayan Nanda

    The greatest of all time

  • Jose van der Linde
    Jose van der Linde

    So, in the final years, if I understood correctly, The Undertaker joined the Click. Yes?

  • chikkku dhoni kings kings
    chikkku dhoni kings kings

    Hhh please 1 need match playing

  • IDK what I'm doing
    IDK what I'm doing

    That guy used to work for wwe didn't he? I swear he did some top 5 videos on WWE's channel

  • BeenOn TopDraftPick
    BeenOn TopDraftPick

    Taker, Shawn & HHH are truly three of the best story tellers of our time. Bonafide Legends and Icons. So proud of how far they’ve come and the legacies they left behind. Never thought over 20yrs later, after watching them during the Attitude Era, that they would last this long. Their era will always reign supreme in a class of their own!

  • Konstantin Rhokamov
    Konstantin Rhokamov

    If they ever make a God of War movie or show HHH would be incredible.

    • Konstantin Rhokamov
      Konstantin Rhokamov

      @Jose Aguilar I can agree with that. One and done HHH would be great.

    • Jose Aguilar
      Jose Aguilar

      If they are making 1 god of war movie, HHH is perfect but if it’s a trilogy probably not since HHH age might be an issue

  • The McGonigle Boxing Podcast
    The McGonigle Boxing Podcast

    Great podcast

  • Namikaze Minato
    Namikaze Minato

    HHH,a.k.a the real Undertaker....

  • 10eras

    Didn’t WWE & Triple H fire Arda from his team, this is awkward. 😂

    • Real Talk
      Real Talk

      That was years ago (2016). He's doing well, since he always worked for multiple companies at the same time. I think he was originally doing a Canadian-only show "Aftermath" covering WWE, and was then brought in as presenter/interviewer for WWE proper. He does e-sports, hockey and other stuff too.

  • Chase Ennis
    Chase Ennis

    The greatest of all time in my eyes. HHH forever!

    • Tj Carpenter
      Tj Carpenter

      Undertaker is the greatest of all time. Triple H even said the Undertaker is the greatest of all time.

  • Anas Shahid 224
    Anas Shahid 224

    HHH is the best 😃

  • Uriz Blue23
    Uriz Blue23

    Should of asked why it took him 20 minutes to pin Booker after 1 pedigree, and after burying him on TV leading up to Wrestlemania.

    • Uriz Blue23
      Uriz Blue23

      @offwick I think I was right.

    • offwick

      @Uriz Blue23 most stupid*

    • Ryan Lacy
      Ryan Lacy

      Should ask why some fans can't get over things that happened 15 years ago, when the wrestlers themselves obviously let it go a long time ago

    • Uriz Blue23
      Uriz Blue23

      @offwick that is the stupidest thing I ever heard.

    • offwick

      Because booker was a WCW guy, and he was in that spot to make H look like a unstoppable monster. This is wrestling, not politics you goof.

  • S S
    S S

    Edge vs HHH wrestle mania retirement match or AJ styles

  • Pauljackson1988

    His final match if it's to be at a Wrestlemania it should be him either putting over one of the top Main Event stars in nXt Ciampa, Gargano, Adam Cole etc. Or Triple H vs The Rock one on one, one final time. Anything else is totally unacceptable.

    • Rare Money Records
      Rare Money Records

      Or Roman

    • Rare Money Records
      Rare Money Records

      Tripe H Vs The Rock 🔥🔥🔥

  • Walkoff 2
    Walkoff 2

    Not his most prominent nickname but I loved Cerebral Assassin

    • Scotty bricks
      Scotty bricks

      Besides the game I always loved the nickname "cerebral assassin".

  • javier book shadows contributor du
    javier book shadows contributor du

    49th comment time to play the game

  • Mike Yacoub
    Mike Yacoub

    Triple H vs Aj Styles Wrestlemania 38.

  • chad chua
    chad chua

    wrestlemania died when they allowed undertaker loss to Brock Lesnar.

    • Rare Money Records
      Rare Money Records


  • Wes Yes
    Wes Yes

    I remember how I used to love wrestling.. I stopped as a teen but one thing that I thought is how is there a wrestling hall.of Fame for a pre-determined sport

    • Levi Beam
      Levi Beam

      @Wes Yes You know how Brad Pitt has won an Oscar? Do you think he shouldn’t get one because a movie is scripted? No. Because just because something is scripted, doesn’t mean it’s going to get over with people. It’s simple as that.

    • Sergio 7
      Sergio 7

      @Wes Yes It is just a way to appreciate wrestlers for their hard work and dedication throughout the years

    • Wes Yes
      Wes Yes

      @Toe Salad063 🤷🏾‍♂️🤣 ok... so u can make a hall.of fame for toys too... base on how many were sold ?

    • Toe Salad063
      Toe Salad063

      Based on popularity obviously not hard to understand

  • Tmac 01
    Tmac 01

    Man that infrared heater got the Game sweating and red.

  • Locked In
    Locked In

    Triple H is the greatest Heel of all time...

  • Yeng Vang
    Yeng Vang

    We all miss the Attitude Era. Glad that Shawn, Taker, and Triple H end it with such great moments and emotions.

    • BeenOn TopDraftPick
      BeenOn TopDraftPick

      Facts. 3 of the best story tellers, EVER.

    • Eric Lopez
      Eric Lopez


    • Jesus Dominguez
      Jesus Dominguez

      Best eras ever

  • Ryan Brown
    Ryan Brown

    Seriously, someone please cast this man as Kratos

    • Ultimate Hawkeye
      Ultimate Hawkeye

      He already makes hella money so let someone else be Kratos

    • Robert Johnson
      Robert Johnson

      You are 100% correct

  • Kevin Chavis
    Kevin Chavis


  • Hon Solo
    Hon Solo

    I love HHH but I can't put him on The Stonr Cold Rock n Undertaker level because he's just not...he pushed himself

    • Tj Carpenter
      Tj Carpenter

      I agree

  • HatinTheSwagHUH 757
    HatinTheSwagHUH 757

    wwe has been dead since the attitude era lol once stone cold n the rock n the wwe wcw ecw war was done it died

  • Jayden

    him and randy orton would have a good finale, somebody he has history with needs to send him off.

    • BROK

      @Fethdar Eh, you wouldn’t be wrong

    • Fethdar

      @BROK more likely Flair, don't you think?

    • BROK

      With Batista as special guest referee

  • Ryan Mclarney
    Ryan Mclarney

    Triple H is the perfect mind for his position.

  • basketball tv
    basketball tv

    Who else was trying to look up a trippie song

  • Roddy Diaz
    Roddy Diaz

    Sledgehammer !!!

  • wrestling tapes
    wrestling tapes

    Triple H is the most overrated wrestler in history, only relevant in 2021, because Steph hoe’d it out with a co-worker.

    • Rahul Maharaj
      Rahul Maharaj

      Everything he has he earned.

    • Rahul Maharaj
      Rahul Maharaj

      Don't be jealous hater

  • Jblaze phamtasmo
    Jblaze phamtasmo

    If only Vince put triple h in charge of booking years ago maybe the WWE wouldn't be a declining joke like it is today 😭

    • AllstarCom

      Boo hoo

  • Mike J
    Mike J

    Triple H looks like an old viking warrior that was in the 1700's like where your sledgehammer at brah.

    • God Boots
      God Boots

      Kratos lol

  • Coty S.
    Coty S.

    This dude has ruined pro wrestling thanks to nepotism.

    • basketball tv
      basketball tv

      What's that

  • Leonel Langston
    Leonel Langston

    Without a doubt the Wrestlemania 17 match he had with the Undertaker was the best! Both where still performing at a high level.

    • fmthebaron

      @BROK because HBK made it better just being there as the ref.

    • BROK

      I personally liked their 28 match the best

    • PeleisLegend

      Nah, it ain't 2012 or 2011. It was great but 2011 and 2012 had more elements to it

  • Dats a paddlin
    Dats a paddlin

    HHH looks like a former meth dealing biker who became a family man

    • Toe Salad063
      Toe Salad063

      Dats a paddlin lame

    • Dats a paddlin
      Dats a paddlin

      @AllstarCom that meth must have kicked in late for ya

    • AllstarCom

      You are a joke

  • Jesus Dominguez
    Jesus Dominguez

    WWE is finished for years now

    • Jay

      Its not mainstream anymore but still has a fanbase. Every kid still has a phase of watching wrestling

    • Dean Alfey
      Dean Alfey

      @Jesus Dominguez yeah true everytime there ratings are down they bring out the veteran your so right

    • Jesus Dominguez
      Jesus Dominguez

      jakeinator722 the product from the past is what’s keeping wwe alive today it won’t be long till that catches up to them. They have no creativity today they literally redo scripts from the past and god knows how many times they will have to keep recruiting Triple H or Undertaker for one more Wrestlemania

    • jakeinator722

      Yet, they're still a billion dollar company with massive TV deals. Your opinion is wrong and irrelevant, you nerd.

    • Dean Alfey
      Dean Alfey

      Yeah I totally agree mate

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman

    Why's dude so red?

  • Dave Jackson
    Dave Jackson

    🗣It’s all about the game and how you play it 🙅🏾‍♂️‼️

    • Nick Schiraldi
      Nick Schiraldi

      All about control and if you can take it!

  • Your Worst Nightmare
    Your Worst Nightmare

    Triple H VS Goldberg make it happen so Goldberg can retire same time as him for GOOD!! They gotta finish what they started in 2003 at Unforgiven PPV

    • SoLiX

      Goldberg is garbage. The same two moves man. He needs to retire already.

    • MMG

      @Ryan Mclarney HHH was supposed to have the retirement match with AJ Styles but couldn’t because his schedule was to heavy and had no time to get into wrestling shape

    • Ryan Mclarney
      Ryan Mclarney

      Goldberg can't compete at a high level and can't go to distance anymore tho, if you look back at his last few matches all he does is a bunch of spears and all he's able to take from the other wrestler is there finisher as well. His matches only last about 5-7 minutes


      Triple H is the Boss

  • Henry Cubbin
    Henry Cubbin


  • Serge Gnabry
    Serge Gnabry


  • luways 99
    luways 99

    Been awhile

    • Serge Gnabry
      Serge Gnabry

      My rep,‘‘twas day first comment