SportsNation breaks down the Top 5 players under 25 based on future potential
SportsNation breaks down the Top 5 players under 25 based on future potential
SportsNation runs through highlights from the latest NBA action, then takes a look at ESPN's list of the best 25 players under 25.
0:00 The SportsNation crew plays "Word Association" relating to the latest NBA action.
0:59 Stephen Curry becomes the first player in NBA history to have eight seasons with 200+ made 3-pointers.
2:24 Ashley Brewer breaks down ESPN's list of the top NBA players under 25.
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    0:00​ The SportsNation crew plays "Word Association" relating to the latest NBA action. 0:59​ Stephen Curry becomes the first player in NBA history to have eight seasons with 200+ made 3-pointers. 2:24​ Ashley Brewer breaks down ESPN's list of the top NBA players under 25.

  • Lul Gebreab
    Lul Gebreab


  • javier book shadows contributor du
    javier book shadows contributor du

    79th comment

  • yabadaba doo
    yabadaba doo

    I didn’t watch the video I just paused it but Luka is number 1 then ball at 2 that’s all that matters

  • Harri Aleche
    Harri Aleche

    The media creating stories like they have always done.

  • Schuyler Thomas
    Schuyler Thomas

    Trae Young

  • Joel Drew Walden [King, M. L. ES]
    Joel Drew Walden [King, M. L. ES]

    tHE ONLY WAY i WOULD RETURN AND START WATCHING THE nba IS IF : 1 aDAM sILVER IS FIRED 2 Michael Jordan becomes the commissioner 3 Minnesota gets back the name Lakers with the 5 rings . 4 LA remains purple and gold keeps 13 rings assumes the name KINGS 5) Sacramento would be renamed to the Embarcaderos . Which was the original name in 1850. Also 1st overall draft pick and 1st option on LBJs contract, since his contract expires after next year.

  • UnderratedSZN

    L list


    Rj barrett is getting 18-5-3 and he is 20 y old , yes espn you guys know a lot about basketball !

  • Luis Amundaray
    Luis Amundaray

    I only watch this show for one reason 👀🔥

  • Ethan Walker
    Ethan Walker

    This word association thing is stupid.

  • Mon Gu Son
    Mon Gu Son

    It’s funny how all of sudden the Hawks didn’t play

    • Follow the brick road
      Follow the brick road

      They hate the hawks

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    “Melo is a highlight reel machine”.... shows him make 2 layups and shoot one three. Those are not highlights. Those are just basic plays.

    • Michael Mccray
      Michael Mccray

      @John Doe 😂😂😂 I wish u were me so u can see how fuccxn dumb u sound . Your laughable g ! Go lay down

    • John Doe
      John Doe

      @Michael Mccray so where they at though. Why they call him a highlight reel and was just making layups. I’m talking about the highlights they showed. Don’t be salty your favorite player is overhyped by ESPN. They gonna forget about him and be on the next rookies head next year.

    • Michael Mccray
      Michael Mccray

      Bro stfu you sound stupid asf 😂 dude played half of the season & is 19 & got more highlights than your fav player

  • Fifth Down Sports
    Fifth Down Sports

    Go check out my sports channel pls

  • Andreas Vogelsang
    Andreas Vogelsang

    Put lamelo at 10 and it is ok but the disrespect of booker and also ja morant is unbelievable. Even if its future value lamelo played what 20 games or so how are you able to put him that high?

  • Shroom Oogway
    Shroom Oogway

    Why even have sportsnation if Michelle isn’t on it?

  • Jean LoVerme
    Jean LoVerme


  • one two
    one two

    "I can't figure out the warriors" What is there to figure out? They are a bad basketball team who are being completely carried by a historically great guard. Warriors are 1-7 without Steph, (losing those games by an average of 19) and 23-20 with him

  • Mario Parker
    Mario Parker

    Draymond like I ain't getting postered by Thanasis 😂

  • That Record
    That Record

    Luka Doncic the undisputed #1 as he should be. Future MVP

    • Devin Pettit
      Devin Pettit

      @Kan Lang Dummy says dumb things.

    • Karanveer Dhillon
      Karanveer Dhillon

      @Kan Lang The Mavs are 7 games over 500 clown. Lukas team was destroyed by injuries and COVID early in the year which is why they started out so badly but now they’re healthy and making their way back

    • David Shamko
      David Shamko

      @Kan Lang I guess we'll have to agree to disagree then. Let's see what happens in the finals.

    • Kan Lang
      Kan Lang

      @David Shamko A record below .500 is trash. Espn treats this guy like he is the no 1 seed. Obviously if u let white dudes put this lists together this will always happen 🤦‍♂️

    • David Shamko
      David Shamko

      @Kan Lang Wdym team record trash? The Mavs are 7th seed and not too far from sixth seed while the pelicans are at 11th seed. I looked at the stats and the only things that Zion is better at are at steals (Barely) and FG%. Luka is leading the Mavs to wins, something Zion hasn't learned to do just yet. In my eyes, it's not even close. You're entitled to your own opinion ofc.

  • Mason Rued
    Mason Rued

    "Future potential" lmao you guys are reaching

  • AlphaDwg

    this list is trash lol

  • Ak YoKiNG
    Ak YoKiNG

    No dbook

  • Eduardo Henrique Neves
    Eduardo Henrique Neves

    L Ball ahead of Booker and Mitchel....what a complete joke... Laughable!

    • Eduardo Henrique Neves
      Eduardo Henrique Neves

      @Giuseppe Damiano to my hand kid.

    • Giuseppe Damiano
      Giuseppe Damiano

      U are really stupid. Lamelo is the goat , only 19. What u was doing at 19?

    • Giuseppe Damiano
      Giuseppe Damiano

      @Terry In Da Chat yessir u are smart

    • Terry In Da Chat
      Terry In Da Chat

      based on potential......... Melo 19 doing what he doing and breaking records so imagine him when he's Booker age at 25.. this list isn't based off what they're doing now then Tatum would be #1 or Book or Mitchell

  • P4YG

    They didn’t break down the list that was whole reason I clicked on this video you guys ended the video right before they were about to talk about it tf

    • P4YG

      @Johnny Harris ? or maybe i just dont want to be click baited by ESPN? why do people say things over the internet they would be scared to say to my face..... so many people know how to use their fingers but not their hands

    • Bill Cosby
      Bill Cosby

      Bro stfu

    • J J
      J J

      Watch stephen A smith complain about the list 😂

    • Unlit Dragon
      Unlit Dragon

      @Johnny Harris I mean they're not wrong lol. That's basically why most people clicked the video

    • Johnny Harris
      Johnny Harris

      stop whining

  • TQ BP
    TQ BP

    Ja Morant?

    • Giuseppe Damiano
      Giuseppe Damiano

      @Eli Knight shut up and watch some basketball stupid idiot

    • Eli Knight
      Eli Knight

      @thekingbradable lamelo isn’t either and he’s my favorite player under 25 Trae young should be on this list lamelo will be tho but not this year come on now

    • thekingbradable

      Ja Morant is not top 5. Not even close either.

    • That Record
      That Record

      He’s kinda overrated.

    • Fack U Mean
      Fack U Mean


  • Black King
    Black King

    They should’ve said based on hype then they may have been right

  • Woozle

    Holy moly, the disrespect, what about D. Booker???

    • Eli Knight
      Eli Knight

      Right smh

  • Jakeeym

    Top 5 players under 25 1. Liangelo Ball 2. Lonzo Ball 3. Melo ball 4. Patrick Beverly 5. Lavar Ball

    • Giuseppe Damiano
      Giuseppe Damiano

      Dont be jeleaus. Lamelo is the goat

    • Mason Rued
      Mason Rued

      They like Lavar cuz he is like nails on chalkboard and that somehow gets views

    • Depressed Celtics fan
      Depressed Celtics fan


  • Its Ok
    Its Ok

    Luka is the future

    • Kan Lang
      Kan Lang

      All young players are??

  • D PerezMatias
    D PerezMatias


  • Pat4Clippers

    Beverley / Rondo / Mann George / Jackson / Kennard Leonard / Patterson / Coffey Morris / Batum Ibaka / Zubac / Cousins

  • Zac

    Luka is a dream for gamblers

  • Anthony

    Trae young and Ja Morant heck and no RJ Barrett is laughable

    • thekingbradable

      Bam, Devin Booker, Jaylen Brown, Jamal Murray, Fox, SGA are all better than him. Should I keep going?

    • Anthony

      @thekingbradable Ja Morant need to be top 10 TF you talking about lmao And RJ Barrett putting up good numbers also

    • thekingbradable

      Ja Morant isn't close to top 5 and RJ Barrett? Stop it. Trae I agree with you

  • QuevoTV

    My list: All 3 Ball brothers, Ja Morant and Zion

  • timmygbuckets

    I havent watched it yet, but if Luka aint 1 its bs

  • Pat4Clippers

    Is the media not going to talk Clippers later today? They scored 47 in the 1st quarter and Paul George had 22 of them. But the overlooked story is DeMarcus Cousins isn't washed. He gave scored 7 pts in 7 minutes.

    • Devin Pettit
      Devin Pettit

      Keep a 3-1 lead then we'll talk.

  • Nik Krelj
    Nik Krelj

    I dont get how luka is averaging 28.6 pts they say he is averaging 28, if you wanna round it up thats 29, he is averaging 8.8 assists and she rounds it up to 8, like yall math is slacking, if you wanna round 8.8 up its not that difficult, you just gotta ask yourself is 8.8 closer to 8 or to 9 and i think that its not that difficult of an answer, its clearly 9, like what are yall doin

    • A Goat
      A Goat

      @Jay Stew then we might as well round up curry to averaging 30/10/10 😂

    • pc_t

      @Jay Stew I just go by 50s, why be so incremental? He’s avg 50 this year.

    • Kemohr Sesay
      Kemohr Sesay

      @Jay Stew 😂😂😂

    • Jay Stew
      Jay Stew

      @Nik Krelj Us fans know. I round his 28 to 30 personally

    • Nik Krelj
      Nik Krelj

      @Jay Stew yeah but thats dumb, like how can you say if a guy averages 8.8 that he averages 8, thats dumb

  • Craig F
    Craig F

    Where’s the breakdown?

  • Lòs Padrè
    Lòs Padrè

    Luka is already by far better than anyone else. As soon he can lead his team to some wins and maintain the same stats, he can win the mvp in the next 3-4 seasons

    • Devin Pettit
      Devin Pettit

      @Follow the brick road Luka is a decent defender now. Stop living in 2019. Come to this decade.

    • Follow the brick road
      Follow the brick road

      @ubadman1 First of all Luka is an awful defender as well. All three of them can not guard their own man and has to be switched onto the lowest offensive threat. Trae Young is 4th in the west and is averaging 25 and 9 and last season averaged 30 and 10 despite his entire starting lineup being injured except capella. Not to mention he’s literally top 5 in 4th qtr scoring.

    • ubadman1

      @Follow the brick road trae, zion, and others are not right behind. both are awful defenders and have massive holes in their games. zion is playing with an allstar and cant win (sub .500 for his career) and trae isnt even the shooter people claim he is.

    • Follow the brick road
      Follow the brick road

      @Jesse Umeh Trae young is behind Luka. If we going by currently it’s really Tatum or Mitchell. Potential ? That’s Trae .

    • Leland Joseph
      Leland Joseph

      @Jesse Umeh his efficiency is extremely impressive and he's actually a decent passer at his position. But he's an average rebounder and a below average defender. Hes good, but he's definitely not right behind.

  • noah manders
    noah manders

    Lamelo is a joke

  • Mr Bingo
    Mr Bingo

    Jayson & brown will have a ring before any of them. Honestly 4-1 will never win a ring

  • Pat4Clippers

    OG Anunoby thought he was P.J. Brown and he flipped Dennis Schröder like he was Charlie Ward.

    • Issac Bonga
      Issac Bonga

      Your the dude who said clippers gonna win the finals last year 🤡

    • Bryan Walsh
      Bryan Walsh

      great reference

  • Josh Higgins
    Josh Higgins

    Lemelo instead of Trae? You fugazi son.

    • Giuseppe Damiano
      Giuseppe Damiano

      Way better

  • AniM4st3r

    ESPN riding on Lamelo's as always smh

    • West Coast
      West Coast

      Y'all stay in your lane

    • Mile High Prod.
      Mile High Prod.

      doing it for views