Russell Wilson feels “underappreciated” by Pete Carroll - Stephen A. | First Take
Russell Wilson feels “underappreciated” by Pete Carroll - Stephen A. | First Take
Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Marcus Spears debate Russell Wilson’s commitment to the Seattle Seahawks.
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0:00 Max Kellerman doesn’t see Russell Wilson’s commitment to the Seahawks.
1:00 Max points out Wilson’s representative releasing his preferred trade destinations.
2:30 Stephen A. says Wilson feels “underappreciated” by Pete Carroll.
4:00 Marcus Spears says Russell Wilson is lying about his commitment to the Seahawks.
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    0:00 Max Kellerman doesn’t see Russell Wilson’s commitment to the Seahawks. 1:00 Max points out Wilson’s representative releasing his preferred trade destinations. 2:30 Stephen A. says Wilson feels “underappreciated” by Pete Carroll. 4:00 Marcus Spears says Russell Wilson is lying about his commitment to the Seahawks.

  • The Rod
    The Rod

    Russ just needs to shut his mouth worry about only his contract and play the game. You are not the Head Coach or the GM you are the Player. You want pats on your back for doing what you are paid to do. Are you in high school looking for mommy’s approval cmon grow up and stop whining about just wanting to be heard and included in decisions and Pete’s comforting words.

  • S. Diaz
    S. Diaz

    What a bunch of idiots.....I can not believe the amount of disrespect these people have towards Seattle....

  • George Brady
    George Brady

    Russell Wilson: "I am committed to Seattle." media: "Russel Wilson is demanding a trade.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  • ronald bruce
    ronald bruce

    Here is the thing ? Grass always looks better on the other side . Brady jumped too the Bucks cause he was smart the team was set up but quarterback but you look around there isn't a team set up like that this year could change next year or year after that Pete Carroll knows that so I say Russ is staying for now

  • Bobby Herrera
    Bobby Herrera

    Lmao Stephen A always tryna start some beef 🤣

  • JC Cic
    JC Cic

    If Russell stays he will regret it for the rest of his life. He doesn’t want to be there, but he is torn on doing the right thing. Every one knows his wife probably doesn’t enjoy living in Seattle.

  • Stephen Cifuentes
    Stephen Cifuentes

    ESPN really have nttn els to talk about Lol let's get past Wilson leaving Seattle. It isn't happening talk about the draft Nd Watson

  • Tehnoon Usmani
    Tehnoon Usmani

    Russell is a cry baby. He just pissed and can't believe the GOAT came to the NFC and claimed the throne. TB12 🐐

  • dontae bell
    dontae bell

    They gave Russ the ball in Superbowl instead of beast mode but feel underappreciated 🤔

  • Kevin Umanzor
    Kevin Umanzor

    He’s staying come on ESPN come up with new material this Russ news getting old rq my boy loving all the moves Seattle doing this offseason.

  • Divine Comedy
    Divine Comedy

    ESPN: All we want is Wilson to say he's staying and we'll stop talking about this Wilson: I'm staying ESPN: Nah, he lyin lets keep talkin bout it

  • Jd M
    Jd M

    So y'all want russ to talk but when he talks you don't believe him


    Can u imagine wut would’ve happened is they let Beast mode run it at the goal line, wow haha

  • Faded Qwell
    Faded Qwell

    >>o k9 k9 k9 9i is I k9 I I

  • cyrus 13
    cyrus 13

    Marcus is a dip

  • King

    Marcus was a necessary equalizer for this segment. He spoke in depth from experience and it really shows when he points out how Russ put out that list of teams he would go to.

  • Caleb Hobbs
    Caleb Hobbs

    Charly lawd

  • Kan Poe
    Kan Poe

    Congrats to Stephen A. for being the only one not to sound like an estrogenic moron during this segment.

  • Monzir Hassan
    Monzir Hassan

    Russell Wilson is just another athlete who lies about his intentions (if he doesn’t do what he intends oh well that’s life) I believe he means he says. I’m happy and I think he’ll be a seahawk for a long time to come.

  • Joseph Fisher
    Joseph Fisher

    Come to SF. Learn from your little sister (champion) how nice it is in the Bay Area!

  • Super Seahawk
    Super Seahawk

    ESPN why do u only talk about Russ + the Seahawks when its negative????

  • Super Seahawk
    Super Seahawk

    What hurts in 1 yard really caused all of this....

  • Super Seahawk
    Super Seahawk

    Russ has been carrying the last few days and this is how the Seahawks (not fans) treat him...

    • Joseph Boston
      Joseph Boston

      i can't even begin to recall how many times I've seen Seahawk fans say they should trade Russ in the comments YEARS before Russ's agent put out that list but sure they should trade Russ and Seattle can go back to the 11 play off appearances in 36 seasons v the 8 playoff appearances in 9 seasons with RW. Talk about lookin a gift horse in the mouth

  • Super Seahawk
    Super Seahawk

    Seahawk still can win the Super Bowl! (If the GM's dont screw it up with Russ)

  • Super Seahawk
    Super Seahawk

    LeBron please come back ESPN has nothin to talk bout we already went over this....

  • Gene Martinez
    Gene Martinez

    Marcus spears saying he is not gonna look like a fool later on. Yea right. This video is not gonna age well. They already sound like fools. Let it play out. They talk like they already foresaw the future or something.

  • Tall Allen
    Tall Allen

    This dude is a idiot. He was a Free Agent and wanted to know before he signed if Russell really wanted to leave. Wouldn't any of you want to know who the QB is going to be before you sign a contract as a FA? I bet Adams will ask Russell the same question before he signs a new contract so he won't be playing for the Seattle Jets and go back to losing 10 game's a season. I bet Lockett asked him too. But this idiot said he needs to hear Russell say exactly what he told Dunlap to belive he'll stay and he said he still doesn't belive it?

  • Cinthia

    Omgsh these guys need to shut up.. they don’t have anything to do.. bored and can’t find real news.

  • javier book shadows contributor du
    javier book shadows contributor du

    72nd comment

  • xESPADAx

    Human's are fickle creatures.

  • Jonathan Hall
    Jonathan Hall

    Honestly, nobody cares

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight

    It's been said to death but it really is like going around the neighbourhood and saying "I'm not leaving my wife but heres a list of ladies on the block I'd like to shack up with".. it's hard to say I'm committed I swear after that lol

  • LedLoaf

    He probably would feel appreciated if they gave the ball to Lynch.

  • C-hawk 12
    C-hawk 12

    These fools have no clue..... Next topic for OVERREACTION Wednesday

  • Ehesh Ehhshs
    Ehesh Ehhshs

    Why are they still talking about this

  • Justin Humphrey
    Justin Humphrey

    BLACKS MEXICANS AND NATIVE AMERICANS AND JAMAICANS 12 tribes of Israel we are God chosen people the real Hebrew Israelites of the Bible research ....

    • Justin Humphrey
      Justin Humphrey

      @Tall Allen Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh is going to shake the world soon when he sent Christ bac to get the 12 tribes of Israel Israel we got to keep God laws and commandments

    • Tall Allen
      Tall Allen

      We all have tue Same people separating us and they won't come together with us. They say don't believe the stereotypes they made about us,but we believe the stereotypes they made about you. Its a shame,but we have to concentrate on us first.

  • Belliot Swelliot
    Belliot Swelliot


  • Junior Miles
    Junior Miles

    Seahawks is not Trading Russell Wilson. The Seahawks trading Bobby Wagner, and 4th round 2022 the Cleveland Browns 2021 picks 26, 58 and 110.

    • Brian Smith
      Brian Smith

      @Junior Miles LOL spoken like a true Hawks fan. It's all about PFF stats.

    • Junior Miles
      Junior Miles

      @Brian Smith bro Bobby Wagner is the best Line Backer in the League he is worth more then a 5th round pick bro. Check the stats

    • Brian Smith
      Brian Smith

      A first, second, and 5th for Wags? I understand a fifth. If CLE gives up a first and second too, they truly haven't learned a thing.

    • Tall Allen
      Tall Allen

      I dont want Wagner to go,but it makes more sense to trade Wagner while he still has value and we already have his replacement with Brooks than it does Wison. But I think we have a good team that can win without trades. Of KJ doesn't come back tuen we only need a LB and maybe a CB for depth on defense and on offense a Center and a 3rd WR maybe. Some more line depth too maybe? But we can't keep trading all of out top picks away either. 6 out of 10 first rounders( including the Adams trade)since Russell has been here. Those could have been lineman on cheap contracts but he always goes defense.

  • GamingMorron

    Sucking these Russell Wilson stories dry. It’s dryer than my girlfriend’s ecsema at this point.

  • LoneWolf Survival
    LoneWolf Survival

    You ESPN A-holes always have to create smoke where there is no fire, so just stop it already. You are about as truthful as CNN!

  • Edward Elric
    Edward Elric

    Russ is staying a Seahawk. Put it on permanent marker. He's never ever leaving. You hear that Bears fans. NEVER EVER.

  • Mohammad N
    Mohammad N

    Seattle should have traded Wilson to the Bears. Chicago was offering decent talent and a ton of draft picks.

    • Tall Allen
      Tall Allen

      Dumb. Who's the Seahawks QB then? Go from 12-4 and winning the NFC West to rebuilding ? So they become the Chicago Seahawks and we become the Seattle Bears?

    • C-hawk 12
      C-hawk 12

      Chicago didn't offer sh*t..... maybe if they picked in the top 5-10 it's a different story!! But 20 and a bunch of players they were going to release, come on man..... Not at all enough for a top 5 QB...... On the bright side, The Bears still have Andy f'n Dalton😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • DatPandaDude

      They were gonna release the players the offered anyway

  • Qynn Marble
    Qynn Marble

    How dare you talk about the NFC West and not even mention Kyler Murray on the come up, but mention Jimmy G and whoever the 49ers are gonna draft, good lawd, are you kidding me!?

  • raptorrancher

    Knock it off.

  • Nolan Emery
    Nolan Emery

    This would’ve never happened if y’all ran the dang ball

  • Anthony Celestin
    Anthony Celestin

    Will the line protect Wilson if he gets Carrell fired? Is it possible to get rid of all your lineman & just replace them or is that too hard to do?

    • Tall Allen
      Tall Allen

      Ask yourself if you think Russell was talking about the whole line before you get brainwashed and parrot what you heard. You t h ink he was talking about LT-BROWN? Or RG Lewis? Or Shell? Could have been talking about Iupati and Pocic, but Iupati retired and Pocic Re-signed so he might need to talk to him. Thats it. We got a LG now and thst might make Pocic play better. Also Pocic has been playing out of position because of Pete's ego of thinking he can make any player he drafted into a top caliber.....making DL and basketball players OLinemen. Undrafted FA starters too. In the 8 years since Wilson's been drafted, we only got Lewis as a good lineman. Thats it. Nobody has left because thry outplayed their contract and we couldn't afford them. Until Carson Re-signed ,we only had Russell and Lockett to earn 2nd big contracts on offense that we would have missed if they left. So drsft bust don't ever get brought t up. Our whole 2013 draft were bust.

  • A-TownGoblin

    Pete Carroll, Bill Belichick; Russell Wilson, Tom Brady.... Can Russell win a super bowl year 1 after a change of team?

  • Brando

    They are trying so hard here. Just stop it already.

  • Dan Man
    Dan Man

    why are they covering this instead of deshaun watson's 21 sexual assualt cases?

    • D23

      You can be sure if Deshaun was white, they wouldn't stop talking about it

  • Charles E. Morris, III
    Charles E. Morris, III

    Media created villains

  • jon waggy
    jon waggy

    The tough lilac conversly charge because sideboard puzzlingly pedal athwart a watery damage. soft, perpetual lyric

  • Jem Arrow Podcast
    Jem Arrow Podcast

    Russell Wilson to Dunlap “I’m here to stay, go hawks” Marcus Spears the next day: “UNTIL HE SAYS IM HERE TO STAY, IM NOT LEAVING, WE DONT BELIEVE HIM”

  • Jem Arrow Podcast
    Jem Arrow Podcast

    The funniest thing about the media forcing this topic, is that it’s never positive lol it’s always negativity.

  • Jem Arrow Podcast
    Jem Arrow Podcast

    ESPN you’re bored bro.

  • Tommy S
    Tommy S

    The abnormal fighter spindly hover because fir optionally clean anenst a shrill umbrella. lonely, detailed vise

  • Jem Arrow Podcast
    Jem Arrow Podcast

    No one: Not a single soul: ESPN: “Been a dry day, let’s talk about Russell Wilson”

  • Austin Azar
    Austin Azar

    This is cap. They just need something to talk about

    • Jeru Akel
      Jeru Akel

      And here we are, giving them the views & comments 😪😪

  • Danny Gay
    Danny Gay

    Poor me, I'm getting paid millions to be the starting qb in the national football league. But my coach doest pat my head enough... get outta here with this bs

    • fîsh

      Facts there are people dying from working so hard at a minimum wage job

  • josh kennedy
    josh kennedy

    Man feels underappreciated by his boss. Breaking news . 🤔

    • Gary Collier
      Gary Collier

      @Skens Saintginat Yes Russell Wilson did a lot for the Seahawks, he threw a interception at the one yard line. Quite a achievement.

    • josh kennedy
      josh kennedy

      @Skens Saintginat 😄😄😄 ok you still didn't answer my question of why he doesn't have what wants on that team. If he has that much pull. The Patriots picked Bill over Brady. You're argument has no valid point. You are thinking of the NBA. The NFL is a coach league. Also he wouldn't have had any of that success without Carroll

    • Skens Saintginat
      Skens Saintginat

      @josh kennedy lol yes I really think he got that much pull. It boils down to.. what's easier? Finding a coach that can succeed with Wilson or finding a QB like Wilson that will do the things he's done for that franchise? I think we both know the answer to that

    • josh kennedy
      josh kennedy

      @Skens Saintginat 😆😆 ok apparently you don't understand the dynamic of a football team. But the head coach is the boss. And you really think Willson has that much pull there ? How come he isn't happy then

    • Skens Saintginat
      Skens Saintginat

      Pete Carroll ain't Wilson's boss. If Wilson wants Carroll gone, Carroll is gone and Wilson's preferred coach is there asap

  • Wu Tang Financial
    Wu Tang Financial

    Man we love Russ up here but bruh, you had your way you got your money and you’ve been in the playoffs basically every year.

  • Sai Trivedi
    Sai Trivedi

    I thought when Russ said he's committed to Seattle, it would shut up the media about this. But instead, it just made it worse.

    • micheal olusanya
      micheal olusanya

      “We havent seen him come out and say ‘im here to stay’” Comes out and says it “I dont believe him”

    • fîsh

      Yep 😂

  • Bruce Banner
    Bruce Banner

    So he says he’s not going anywhere and you still don’t believe him lol y’all are pathetic

  • Ashton Jones
    Ashton Jones

    Bro they did the same subject but just changed the title

    • fîsh

      😂 thats espn for you

  • Joe Campione
    Joe Campione

    Since the Jets messed up and gave up on a QB they set up for failure. They should trade the red pick ,34,and next years 1st and 2 seconds for Wilson. .

    • Brian Smith
      Brian Smith

      @Joe Campione but Russ hasn't done anything since 2014. PFF stats aren't Lombardi trophies.

    • Tall Allen
      Tall Allen

      @Joe Campione Did you not read his comment saying Russell has a no trade clause and the jets weren't one of the team's? Man you guys are .....

    • Sai Trivedi
      Sai Trivedi

      @Joe Campione the Seahawks need players too. Keep in mind what the bears offered and how the Seahawks decline that gigantic package. The Seahawks need to have a quarterback, if the Jets had kept Sam darnold and put him in the package, then the Seahawks might have said yes. But either way, Russ had a no trade clause so he’d be able to veto it

    • Joe Campione
      Joe Campione

      @Sai Trivedi I forgot 2 1st round picks next year. 2 and 39 plus 2 1st and a second

    • Sai Trivedi
      Sai Trivedi

      The Seahawks won't accept that lol. And Russ wouldn't want to go to the jets, he has a no-trade clause

  • The Moore Report
    The Moore Report

    Traded for Jimmy Graham, Drafted DK, Traded for Jamal Adams, Signed Duane Brown (All former/current All Pro). Wilson has had everything handed to him. stop complaining. 1 playoff win in the last 4 seasons yet make 35 million a year...did I mention Sherman, Thomas, Kam, Lynch, Wagner?

    • fîsh

      Exactly he hasn't won anything since the legion of boom People say its because he gets sacked alot but he holds the ball for too long He never throws the ball away Never throws checkdowns And he looks for the deepball every play

  • Russian Old Spice
    Russian Old Spice

    Awwww Muffin . . . .

  • Justin Swartz
    Justin Swartz

    Ciara needs to fill that void instead she created it. Russell Wilson will be the QB of a major city by 2022

  • Sports 311
    Sports 311

    I don’t believe that Russell Wilson is committed to the Seahawks long term due to lack of pass protection

    • Tall Allen
      Tall Allen

      Who do we need to replace on the line then? Stop parroting what you hear. We can draft a Center If we still think we need one. We replaced Iupati with Jackson ,who didn't allow a sack last year. Pocic might play better between Jackson and Lewis. We got a lot of good FAs and stopped a lot of needs.

    • fîsh

      Maybe he should take checkdowns Throw the ball away Stop looking for the deep ball every play Learn to beat cover 2

    • kamsandhu85

      Well maybe he shud take a pay cut then lol

  • Q Strange
    Q Strange

    Snakes hiding in the living room 🐍

  • Obaid Husain
    Obaid Husain


  • John Locatelli
    John Locatelli

    Am I the only one who feels that Pete Carroll could be an actor or a tv host ? This guy is the Robert Redford of NFL coaches

  • BornYT


  • TREY To The Bay
    TREY To The Bay

    Who cares about the seachickens 👀

    • RaWMeSee SoundSavvvy
      RaWMeSee SoundSavvvy

      Exaaaaaactly 🤣

    • David Maez
      David Maez


    • fîsh

      You obviously do because you commented

  • Baldino Salvador
    Baldino Salvador

    this is proof that the Seahawks should’ve ran the ball

    • MrBezl

      I love Russ but he played like garbage in the playoffs and the last 8 games of the year. He holds onto the ball way too much which is why he takes so many sacks. Yes the o line is terrible but it’s a two way street. If he keeps this up let’s take kellen mond in the 2nd round 🤷‍♂️

    • Branden Powell
      Branden Powell

      @Save the Geese 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Save the Geese
      Save the Geese

      @Branden Powell more than half the teams in the NFL would take Seattle’s success right now, GTFO!

    • James Bond
      James Bond

      30 for 30 coming soon

    • Super Seahawk
      Super Seahawk

      i cant disagree...