Malika Andrews says Kevin Durant could be on a minutes restriction when he returns | Bart and Hahn
Malika Andrews says Kevin Durant could be on a minutes restriction when he returns | Bart and Hahn
Malika Andrews joins Bart and Hahn to analyze the state of the Brooklyn Nets with Kevin Durant returning from injury, but James Harden missing time with a hamstring injury.
0:00 Malika Andrews' expectations for Kevin Durant when he returns to the Brooklyn Nets' lineup against the New Orleans Pelicans.
0:57 Are there concerns about the chemistry between the Nets' Big 3?
2:46 Andrews discusses details about James Harden's hamstring injury.
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    0:00​ Malika Andrews' expectations for Kevin Durant when he returns to the Brooklyn Nets' lineup against the New Orleans Pelicans. 0:57​ Are there concerns about the chemistry between the Nets' Big 3? 2:46​ Andrews discusses details about James Harden's hamstring injury.

  • Jonathan Muldrow
    Jonathan Muldrow

    No Malika physical appearance??? DISLIKE!!!

  • ArvinPH TV
    ArvinPH TV

    KD is a real GOAT


    Truth be told you expect a player to come back after almost two years off, and match the playoff intensity of teams? The playoffs are more physical and the intensity is through the roof...why save him for the playoffs instead of playing now?

  • Sovi

    man there really juicing this, KD playing just 20 mins is not bad for a first step of return

  • MIDNightPT4

    How much rest does KD need


      Peace! Interesting good point he is most likely fragile physically..

    • MIDNightPT4

      @Kam Scott I did and did not need this much rest

    • Kam Scott
      Kam Scott

      If you never had an Achilles injury stop talking

  • Jayd Diversen
    Jayd Diversen

    Baby Bron Bron pissing his Huggies out 🤣🤣

  • Thomas Hicks
    Thomas Hicks

    Kevin Durant is a juggernaut!!

  • Did my inner peace disturb your Demons
    Did my inner peace disturb your Demons

    Kd should move to the front office

  • Tmac 01
    Tmac 01

    Load Management, pussie

  • Antuan Johnson
    Antuan Johnson

    Imma simple man. I see Malika, I click the video.

  • Myles White
    Myles White

    Whatever u say malika 😘😘🤗

  • Scorpion vs Everybody
    Scorpion vs Everybody

    If James stop doing those step backs he wouldn't have a hamstring injury lol

  • EccentricNICK

    Durant is about to be the greatest role player of all time, that leg injury changed him forever

  • ティアタイロLkr

    I really want to know who's better.. Kevin Durant or king James???!!!

  • Russell Westbrook and Gus Malzahn Fan since 2010
    Russell Westbrook and Gus Malzahn Fan since 2010

    Wait until the video with Malika and Sage drops......

  • Nuke Nubz
    Nuke Nubz

    Kd playing 20 mins a game is better than 90 percent of the league.

    • Nuke Nubz
      Nuke Nubz

      @LedLoaf dudes probably just resting and taking it easy. He did just come back this year and playing 30 plus minutes every game isn't a good idea. Same thing happened to drose and he just kept injuring himself.

    • Did my inner peace disturb your Demons
      Did my inner peace disturb your Demons

      No he not

    • LedLoaf

      Why is he out even? Did I miss the part where he got injured again? Felt like one day he just stopped playing games. Obviously, because of the previous severity, but did something clearly happen during a game?

  • RoseCurry AndDeRozan
    RoseCurry AndDeRozan

    He should be on minutes restriction. Not necessarily super low but he should be on the same minutes restrictions he should have been on from the start of the season instead of playing 50 minutes in an overtime game. Then slowly get his minutes up. This is the last chance they have to do this right before playoffs start.

  • Bernardo Brito
    Bernardo Brito

    I'm on a "minutes restriction" with Malika Andrews.

    • Kam Scott
      Kam Scott

      Yup you only get no minutes

  • caper087

    If the warriors get in the playoffs they could knock off a Denver or Utah team if Steph goes off.. if they match up with Lebron they be cooked tho lol

  • Buster Smith
    Buster Smith

    KD can't win unless the team is completely stacked from top to bottom

    • Branyo Romero
      Branyo Romero

      You right because he learn from Lebron

  • T tack
    T tack

    Slow day for news huh

  • Dante Koci
    Dante Koci

    Is it just me or does every time I hear a report or news about the Nets whether it’s “this player will not play tonight” or “Kevin Durant is returning tonight” it’s always reported by Malika Andrews

    • lepidoptery

      well she covers the new york teams (for espn), so....

  • wikedwun

    This reminds me of that Laker team wit Kobe Shaq Malone & Payton. They might meet a well gelled cohesive team and go down in the East

    • Lou ELastic
      Lou ELastic

      Karl Malone was 40 years old bro...


    Scripted This is part of their plan they want their star player to take their rest as long as they can 🤣 So when playoffs come there is no injury anymore Very Good idea

  • mar jase
    mar jase

    If i am going to be honest with you ,in my own humble opinion without being sentimental of course, without offending anyone who thinks differently from my own point of view,but also by looking into this matter in distinctive perspective ,i would like to say i have nothing to say

  • Mike J
    Mike J

    It's amazing how BKLYN players played a bit for a while together and they're winning games is crazy too.

    • Gabriel Morales
      Gabriel Morales

      They got 3 all stars that can all go for 35+ points a game so even when only one of them is in the lineup they can still win 🔥

    • Kenyon Martin Jr.
      Kenyon Martin Jr.

      That team is stacked what else do u expect

  • Ej Black
    Ej Black

    KD missed last season and just about this whole season. If he was fully healthy he would play alot more. They aren't saving him for the playoffs they know that his body is fragile and may not hold up..

  • Jing Qi
    Jing Qi

    What a surprise - a 7 footer coming off a major achilles injury on a minutes restriction? There is a reason most achilles injuries don't work out well at all for a player going forward. Not only does a player risk blowing it out again, he risks another major I injury due to over compensation issues.

    • Fashion Life
      Fashion Life

      He need to adjust to his skills and not do too much

  • Mike J
    Mike J

    KD is definitely getting 18-5-5 if he's on minutes restriction but if not he'll get 26-7-8 if he gets full minutes in his return.

  • He got Game
    He got Game

    He’s on minutes restriction because he’s scared of zion

  • Bill Pap.
    Bill Pap.

    KD is the most versatile all around scorer of all time. Period.

    • alexann

      @Tyrese Tomlin never said he was wrong

    • PutSomeOnionsOnThatBeach

      I put Kyrie as 1b cause being his size and scoring on ANYONE in the league, while using up more energy compared to KD (less dribbles, 7 feet tall), and giving you similar scoring outputs. Kyrie is right there

    • Bill Pap.
      Bill Pap.

      @Bryant Royster that's debatable for sure

    • Bryant Royster
      Bryant Royster

      @Tyrese Tomlin kyrie

    • Tyrese Tomlin
      Tyrese Tomlin

      @alexann okay well whose the most versatile scorer of all time then? Kd started out playing the 2 then the 3 then he played some 4 and at times small ball 5. He can score from all 3 levels so tell me a more versatile scorer 😂. Don’t discredit the man bc u don’t like him

  • PutSomeOnionsOnThatBeach

    Next: Malika Andrews says Kevin Durant will be playing in shoes when he returns

    • Neal

      And I’d click just as fast as this one...

    • Kay Sheye
      Kay Sheye

      i mean Kemba had to change his shoes mid game last night lol so footwear is important

    • ReylianP


    • gtxzz


  • J B
    J B

    You need to get Malika a video stream, she is only reason I clicked

    • Leslie Griffin
      Leslie Griffin

      You watch this to get off to her ?

    • Drizzo Shady
      Drizzo Shady


    • commentsthatwill annoyyou
      commentsthatwill annoyyou

      Number of simps higher than covid infections

    • Paco A
      Paco A

      She ain't that good, you're thirsty bro sheesh

    • Railfanner Mario
      Railfanner Mario

      LMFAOOO BRO ya funny af😂

  • J Th
    J Th

    People be acting like a 10 day injury is a 10 week injury. Harden is fine

    • Montell Oliver
      Montell Oliver

      @Naquan Jones They had a second scan and realize he had more bleeding that he should’ve. There’s different levels to a hamstring strain and KD’s was probably different than Harden

    • Naquan Jones
      Naquan Jones

      @J Th true but hamstring is still a very significant injury

    • J Th
      J Th

      @Naquan Jones except KD had an Achilles injury so he was more prone to injury

    • Naquan Jones
      Naquan Jones

      A strain hamstring is what they called Kd is injury lol and look what happen to him

  • Bucck Jones
    Bucck Jones

    they saving kd for the playoffs, nets aint slick

    • Bucck Jones
      Bucck Jones

      @Kam Scott i agree

    • Kam Scott
      Kam Scott

      Lakers aint either

  • Dats a paddlin
    Dats a paddlin

    I’m late on who this guy is but he looks like they morphed Greeny and Golic together.

    • pintobaro

      Alan haan a newsday beat reporter islanders and New York knicks msg tv analysts ,one of my favorite people to listen in sports 🏀 if you listen to espn New York you will know him cool guy

  • R6 Plays
    R6 Plays

    I guess he will score at least 22 if he plays 30 mins

    • He got Game
      He got Game

      @Kam Scott I don’t troll

    • Kam Scott
      Kam Scott

      @He got Game you yourself dont even believe that. Stop trolling

    • CWE Brooklyn
      CWE Brooklyn

      So disrespectful he’s averaging 29ppg this season

    • He got Game
      He got Game

      @Lord finneser Zion has all the infinity stones. He’s the only one that’s able to stop Kd

    • Lord finneser
      Lord finneser

      @He got Game are u dumb no he’s not no one can clamp Kd entirely 😂😂

  • إبن حوبج
    إبن حوبج