Jalen Rose is intrigued about the Warriors’ play-in potential | Jalen & Jacoby
Jalen & Jacoby recap the performance by Joel Embiid in the Philadelphia 76ers’ win over the Boston Celtics and discuss what the Golden State Warriors’ win against the Milwaukee Bucks shows for their ability to make noise in the play-in for the Western Conference.
0:00 Jalen compares Embiid’s play to an “old-school Chevy,” which is a good thing.
1:21 Jalen says it’s hard to ignore the Celtics’ struggles.
2:20 They discuss how Steph Curry and the Warriors could make the play-in interesting in the Western Conference.
#NBA #76ers #Warriors
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  • Johnny TimeStamp
    Johnny TimeStamp

    love the play in game...until my team loses

  • charlton johns
    charlton johns

    The Warriors will be back in the Lottery next year!

  • Melvin O. Mercado
    Melvin O. Mercado


  • R eggie
    R eggie

    Jalen has his hopes too high for a Blake Griffin / Stephen Curry NCAA matchup reunion . Those UACURRY8's and the Flow Technology got a Composite Sketch going and I'm hoping i don't see a pair of Nike Foamposites on the Power Point Presentation , favorite guys .

  • REP

    Jalen once made a comment that Bron will never do another interview without something on his head and now look at him IJS!

  • Derf Love
    Derf Love

    Purpose of the bat Jalen lmao

  • Tan


  • gojkiga tacupse
    gojkiga tacupse

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  • N.Y vs L.A
    N.Y vs L.A

    So many Nugget fans wanna hate on Joel. They bring up free throws lmao. Free throws mean they cant guard you so they hack you. That's why so many of his points come from free throws and last time i checked free throws count. He in dat Paint

  • Leandro Mariano
    Leandro Mariano


  • Ken Ken
    Ken Ken

    We miss you Paul Pierce

  • ?Everything Loveurlife
    ?Everything Loveurlife

    The Warriors will get smoked by ANY of the top 5 seeds. They have no chance




    Yo faxx Jalen😂💯

  • probly zuited
    probly zuited

    jalen tom cruise rose

  • Jeremiah Smith
    Jeremiah Smith

    Nobody's worried about playing the Warriors in the first round. Stop it RIGHT NOW!😂

    • Joker06

      @Jeremiah Smith I know, but teams should still be scared of facing Steph at least

    • Jeremiah Smith
      Jeremiah Smith

      @Joker06 not enough

    • Joker06

      @Jeremiah Smith We have Steph, that's all I'm gonna say. And Dray is a monster in the playoffs.

    • Raza Kids
      Raza Kids

      @Jeremiah Smith so the suns should be worried. Because Steph and Draymond know exactly what to do in the playoffs.

    • Jeremiah Smith
      Jeremiah Smith

      @Raza Kids and?

  • George Austin IV
    George Austin IV

    I thought Jalen was fired😭😭😭

    • Rainier Morales
      Rainier Morales

      That's Pierce I guess

  • Tobyn Cummins
    Tobyn Cummins

    Tacko Fall is like the result of if Kevin Garnett had his ability taken away by the Monstarrs in Space Jam. An awesome figure, but a shell of what he should be capable of.

  • j317

    1:53 for warriors

    • ilyRj -
      ilyRj -

      Thanks bro

  • javier book shadows contributor du
    javier book shadows contributor du

    14th comment

  • liu travis
    liu travis

    Warriors will have three face2face games with the pelicans, that's how the 10th seed will be decided, and I don't like the odds for the warriors, no one can stop Steph but the rest of the team (other than Draymond half of the time) can stop no one either.

  • Adrian Lazaro
    Adrian Lazaro

    Outdoor thing s

  • King Ceez
    King Ceez

    Best home run winner should go to the most clutch player and thats Dame Dolla Curry be missing his clutch moments for the most part but he a kill u for a whole game tho lol as far as for like the last 5 years or so.

    • King Ceez
      King Ceez

      @Drakp 125 lol one year and the rockets and guess what also happened that year kawhi spanked them boys lol n gave em a pacifier. But curry most valuable right. Riiiiight again LIG it lol 😆 😂 🤣 2019 lol. And if cp3 didn't get hurt yaw was cooked then extra crispy at that lol bra I do basketball yaw can't argue me with this one Stat is. Stat curry aint the most clutch period go check that number right now n tell me wat name shoe up right now ........ crickets it ain't curry lol 😂 😆 🤣 good day.

    • Drakp 125
      Drakp 125

      @King Ceez 2019 wcf. Go rewatch it for me

    • King Ceez
      King Ceez

      @Drakp 125 I just checked the stat Lillard leads the league in clutch points clutch is the final five minutes of a basketball game why do I have to explain this I don't know if u watch enough ball or play enough should already know this he leads the league RIGHT NOW WITH 124 maybe more by now bra how can curry be more clutch when The STATS AND FACTS SAY OTHERWISE n curry injury prone on top of it my guy don't miss games again yaw need to let this one go I got to much ammo for yaw arguments LIG it not u said 15 min IRbin video ooooohhhh ok that explains it all an edited video lol

    • Drakp 125
      Drakp 125

      @King Ceez there’s a 15 min video on IRbin of curry hitting clutch playoff shots

    • King Ceez
      King Ceez

      @Raza Kids i see u don't like facts lol the truth hurt don't it and yo responses are more kid like mines are more logical because I hoop hoop and I watch Ball g u saying curry the mvp and yo blindness to the fact that his team sucks dog they barely in 10th place aint no kid g. I just know BASKETBALL bra lol. But good luck to yaw curry fans lol homie ain't winning nothing no more unless he team up with somebody else yaw can forget abooooooouuuut it lol dueces my guy.

  • ddp540

    Lol jalen talkin bout old school, there was nothin old school about it...he is that new new

  • Justin Humphrey
    Justin Humphrey

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  • Gloire Kabongo
    Gloire Kabongo

    The reason why he deserves mvp I’m saying this Bc obviously his stats aren’t the best in the league but he’s still averaging 30 just how bad his team is without him is crazy🤦🏾‍♂️he’s the most valuable to his team frfr

    • Joker06

      @Savon Sanders Yet Curry haters will continue to slander him, smh

    • Yehuda Shabtai
      Yehuda Shabtai

      The warriors are 15-53 in the past 2 seasons without Curry.......that's a .220 winning pct. Worst record in the league over a 2=yr span...they are 24-24 with him.....So steph is good for.500 record with this squad and they are dead last without him

    • Savon Sanders
      Savon Sanders

      He's averaging 30, 6 and 6 against box and 1s and the constant doubles with a G league roster, and he's the only all-star with his Robin missing. Steph's the most efficient pg with shooting splits of 48/41/92 which is great considering the ups and down GS has had along with Steph missing 6 or 7 games due to a tailbone injury.

    • Ananno Myss
      Ananno Myss

      Remove Curry from the Warriors and they wouldnt even have 10 wins yet. The Twolves wouldnt be in last place

  • dj cutarekord
    dj cutarekord

    I really don't like Joel Embiid (like he cares) But his game is getting bigger than his mouth.

  • Chris Joseph
    Chris Joseph

    Jalen is 100% correct.... theres only about 20 games left in the season so the seeding shouldnt change drastically at the top of the west since AD and lebron are both still inactive... i think the seeding is going to look something like... 1 Jazz 2 Suns 3 clippers 4 lakers 5 nuggets 6 blazers 7 mavs 8 warriors the spurs and grizzlies dont have the star power to knock off either the mavs or the warriors the jazz are a really good team but they do resemble teams like the 2015 hawks where they somehow win 60 games and end up losing early donovan mitchell is a great scorer and has developed as a playmaker mike conley has had a resurgence since coming back from injury however, he could still very well catch that injury bug closer to the playoffs which will most likely be the jazzs undoing the jazz also lost a 3-1 lead last year so it wouldnt surprise me if they lose in the first round to the warriors/mavs the suns to me are a better team than the jazz and thats because of CP3 however, jus like conley hes injury proned and has been mostly healthy this season but it wouldnt be a leap to say he pulls a hammy or something in the coming weeks or in the playoffs... clippers and nuggets are my WCF matchup believe it or not if the playoffs started today they would face off vs the lakers with 2 of the best players coming off injury the nuggets also improved their roster with aaron gordon and javelle mcgee

    • Zay Marquez
      Zay Marquez

      @Raza Kids no nuggets will go to 3

    • Raza Kids
      Raza Kids

      Although I think the Lakers will fall to 6th. And clippers will go to 2. Suns will go to 3

  • Kevin Meyer
    Kevin Meyer

    The lame month wessely bleach because chicory systematically flash astride a tasty flower. adorable, ten damage

  • TheRealRhino

    about the warriors? the WARRIORS?!? no i think u mean the currys

  • fightnight14

    Warriors are lucky that the Kings and Pelicans ain’t winning more games recently. Looks like the Warriors are locked in around 8-10th seed when playoff comes.

    • Raza Kids
      Raza Kids

      @fightnight14 that's a terrible statement bud

    • fightnight14

      Yeah you guys just point out Curry’s injury but the other teams were dealing the same thing. Kings, Pelicans, Rockets, dealt with it all year long so its not an excuse. Warriors are just bad this year. They were also lucky to win against a Giannisless Bucks and that is even with Curry who you guys are pointing out missing yet they were mostly trash against the Bucks. Injury is not an excuse, if the team was good they would win without that one player. Wiggins is paid the same as Joel Embiid, higher than Devin Booker. You guys have the salary this year as well so no excuses at all. Team is 💩

    • Waluigi

      Warriors would probably be the 7th seed if curry didn’t get hurt for a week in all fairness

    • Certi

      Before Curry was injured they were 8th seed and were tied with 7th seed then he got injured and his team won *one game* went on a 4 game losing streak which brought them to the 10th seed.. if he wasn’t injured they literally would’ve been 7th seed... and now he came back only playin 4/9 games coming back from injury

  • Naisin Geng
    Naisin Geng

    The title with that thumbnail got me 💀💀💀

    • Hesi Jamaal
      Hesi Jamaal


  • yourboyjoey

    Jalen Rose is so cringe bruh

  • Unc Tay
    Unc Tay

    But Draymond isnt....

  • pheonix ss
    pheonix ss

    smart is a disaster, so are the celtics

  • garyfiasco1

    Need that hoodie

  • DᴇGᴏᴀᴛ DᴇRᴏᴢᴀɴ ➐
    DᴇGᴏᴀᴛ DᴇRᴏᴢᴀɴ ➐

    The warriors without Curry is like a *JV team playing against All stars* Ngl..

    • Nick V
      Nick V

      It makes me want to jump into a time machine and take the 2017 Warriors to this time to face the present day teams.

    • Xavier is a Ball3r
      Xavier is a Ball3r

      @Joker06 Yea u right

    • Joker06

      @Xavier is a Ball3r Don't add the Celtics, lmao, they're just as bad as the rest of the East

    • Xavier is a Ball3r
      Xavier is a Ball3r

      And maybe Celtics

    • Xavier is a Ball3r
      Xavier is a Ball3r

      @J Hall Still a playoff team in the east cause the east is weak asf other than 76ers, and Nets

  • Vince Bliddack203
    Vince Bliddack203

    Ker don't want to get in.

    • Joker06

      @maxiqum s1 You say this but yet you'll be one of the people who bashes Steph if we miss the playoffs, FOH

    • RF Z
      RF Z

      @Aditya Sharma Dont think they will be contenders just by Klay returning after two injuries. I hope they are but Dray cant shoot to save his life, Wiseman cant defend and has butter fingers and Wiggins is too inconsistent. They need a 3rd reliable scorer to be a contender.

    • Vince Bliddack203
      Vince Bliddack203

      @Aditya Sharma just samage co Toronto when he said already he not interested in running curry down for a other seed.

    • Aditya Sharma
      Aditya Sharma

      @strawhats100 Oubre probably going to get traded in free agency so we are good. The lineup is solid. We will be contenders.

    • strawhats100

      @Aditya Sharma you mean the starting lineup minus Kelly Oubre who would be a role player because we both know it's Steph, Klay, Wiggins, Draymond, & Wiseman in the starting 5.

  • Netch up Nick
    Netch up Nick

    Bro doing his thing

  • Louie O'Connell
    Louie O'Connell