If Joel Embiid is healthy, can anyone in the East defend him? | The Jump
Ramona Shelburne and Royce Young join Jorge Sedano on The Jump to discuss if there is a team in the East that could match up with a healthy Joel Embiid and the Philadelphia 76ers.
0:00 Is there an answer for a healthy Embiid in the East?
How can teams defend Embiid?
Discussing Ben Simmons and the other role players on the 76ers.
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  • Insane CRAZE
    Insane CRAZE

    Steven Adams has always locked him up lol

  • Burak

    Quick answer: no

  • Bunnsofsteel

    Everyone keeps talking about Giannis like he's the answer to Embiid or something. He doesn't even guard him and Embiid averages 27 points against Milwaukee.

  • Tyrone Fabies
    Tyrone Fabies

    The bucks literally have the dpoy who is also kind of a Big. So yeah the bucks can

  • Evidence Matters
    Evidence Matters


  • Ousman Diallo
    Ousman Diallo

    Jokers like Stephen a smith, Mike wilburn , Chris broussard are hunting for a reason not to give Simba Embiid that MVP trophy 🏆.I hope these caucasian brothers can offset that venom coming from those so call brothers towards Mr. Embiid!

  • JudeHoops

    Once upon a time, a man named Giannis Antetokounmpo was in the East. And could lock up anyone

  • Edward Votel
    Edward Votel

    Wait wait wait. You think Bam can stop need Embiid? 😂 That's just laughable.

  • Blake Howard
    Blake Howard

    Giannis is a better two way player than ad idk what y’all talkin bout

  • Zackery Rasmijn
    Zackery Rasmijn

    Embid just has to stay healthy and be able to play 30+ minutes in the playoffs

  • Pradipta Nawantoro
    Pradipta Nawantoro

    the disrespect towards giannis...

  • Jake Broad
    Jake Broad

    Well no. But a center still can’t be the best player on a championship team.

  • toya tom
    toya tom

    Nah.. Gasol playing in the west now.. lol

  • DragonBoy 245
    DragonBoy 245

    So giannis didn’t stop Embid more then once ?🤔🤔

  • Thehobbes7

    Embiid is the best player in the nba....and it is not close

  • Mark Sines
    Mark Sines

    Breaking news: Heat signed marc gasol after bought out by lakers

  • Thrill

    There is absolutely no one that can guard Embiid one on one he’s to large/strong and skilled. i watch every single 6er game he sees more doubles as soon as he catches the ball than any player in the league if you don’t double him with slick weak side help calls etc he’s easily scoring 40+ every night

  • 5fingerdpunchfan

    Marc gasol would probably make him cry again

  • Thomas Devon
    Thomas Devon

    Why the disrespect for the past two seasons MVP ?

  • Tegridy Farms
    Tegridy Farms

    2 words.. 🌮 falls

  • Stuff Stuff
    Stuff Stuff

    The problem with being angry at him for flopping is they’re still hitting/making contact with him anyway because he’s so big

  • Alexandru Săvuț
    Alexandru Săvuț

    The bucks have lopez and giannis but y'all dont even mention them

  • Ismaeel Badoolah
    Ismaeel Badoolah

    I'm sure Bam Adebayo and Giannis Antetokounmpo can guard him

  • Noah Palmer
    Noah Palmer

    Embiid is lucky he has good teammates otherwise he would just be triple teamed like giannis.

  • 고미라

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  • Blliw 25
    Blliw 25

    Ahhh Giannis lol did everyone forget bout the greek freak he"ll tear up Joel in the playoff watch

    • Blliw 25
      Blliw 25

      @Liza Melendez Embiid is in the same bout as GA he hasn't showed anything in post season either but I'm rooting for 76ers or bucks to beat nets tho.

    • Liza Melendez
      Liza Melendez

      Giannis isn’t even good in the playoffs and Embiid would cook him. Giannis hasn’t played this Embiid yet


    Yeah looks like only Steve Adams😎👌

  • 小粉紅老母全家都係日軍慰安婦

    triple teamed could shut down emchoke

  • Lynju

    Look at the game against pelicans

  • jonathan aponte1h&5y6'!3
    jonathan aponte1h&5y6'!3

    Al Horford kinda stopped him a few years ago but he is not in the east

  • Mike G
    Mike G

    No one. But i gotta see this 76ers team win in the playoffs 1st. I believe the Bucks are a bad matchup for them along with the Heat. But Doc may be the key to unlock these dudes

    • Brian Swift
      Brian Swift

      Bucks are a regular season team

  • Zarion106

    I mean, the Nets don't have to defend him. They just have to outscore him.

  • Trashbucket


  • panos xd
    panos xd

    Not a shutdown or anything but Bam Adebayo and Giannis can definitely defend him.

  • Splash

    I guess Durant doesn't exist anymore...

  • Ty Collins
    Ty Collins

    Can anyone guard Kevin Durant?

  • Beede Bawng
    Beede Bawng

    None of these people obviously follow that Sixers team. Ramona used to but she clearly doesn't, anymore.

  • tazb4116

    It’s about the others on Philly. Embiid isn’t enough to win the east

  • Todd Morrow
    Todd Morrow

    only player in the Nba that can slow Embiid down is Marc Gasol

  • Unreleased v2
    Unreleased v2

    Giannis easy


    One man: Clint capela


    Idk how yall don't mention Tobias Harris he is the actual 2nd best player on the Sixers he is there finisher Ben is a superstar role player until he starts shooting jump shots

  • Chuck DeAngelo
    Chuck DeAngelo




  • Jake Savy
    Jake Savy

    The answer is no


      Clint capela

  • Steven Campbell
    Steven Campbell

    Not if he gets to the line 20 times a game . Blatant cheating when one player has more free throws than the other team combined.

  • DEE Brown
    DEE Brown

    I haven’t seen anybody guard him good.

  • Dillon Buckley
    Dillon Buckley

    No but in the playoff the nets don’t have to defend him they just gonna out score everyone no matter how many points they give up

  • Matt Rakowski
    Matt Rakowski

    Can’t believe Giannis isn’t mentioned once here. He’s the reigning DPOY and back to back MVP. The amount of media attention Giannis gets when they aren’t trying to push him out of Milwaukee is embarrassing. What a joke saying Bam can guard him better than Giannis

  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith

    Mj would lock him up

  • Noob

    Maybe not one on one in most scenarios but teams can shut them down if you have a smart coach and good defensive players. There are some teams with that.

  • Slavisa Pavlovic
    Slavisa Pavlovic

    he aint shaq of course they can

  • Saint NickFoles
    Saint NickFoles

    No one in the east west north south can guard that man, except maybe Al Horford lol

  • Sipho Kwesi
    Sipho Kwesi

    I had to hit the like button just for that joke, nobody can stop Embiid

  • Ani Skywalker
    Ani Skywalker

    Embiid is the best player in NBA bar none of he's healthy & focused.

  • Bamovailoa


  • Mike Gee
    Mike Gee


  • L Newman
    L Newman

    No mention of Tobias Harris at the end though?

  • jd

    No because he always hurt. lmao

  • Igor M
    Igor M

    PER 31.4 *Leads NBA (min. 20 games) What if minimum is 40 games? Or 50? 😂

  • Victor Tang
    Victor Tang

    Just like prime Shaq, you don't defend Embiid. You go man to man for Embiid but defend everyone else on the team and challenge Embiid to score 40-50 points every night.

    • wade is so old
      wade is so old

      Heat would use this strategy. Brad Stevens would too

    • wade is so old
      wade is so old

      Either that or double. Honestly the former strategy is better because when you double your giving the lesser players easier shots like open layups dunks or 3s. Make embiid shoot jumpers and throw up 30-35 shots even if he hits 50 he’s not getting anyone involved and their offense becomes predictable and stagnant. Lots of one and done possessions too which lead to easier transition buckets

  • Trust the Process!!!
    Trust the Process!!!

    he can post you up!! he can break your ankles and he can shoot a clutch 3 right in your face!!!

  • Hog Rider
    Hog Rider

    Was I the only one waiting for him to say Tobias Harris

    • L Newman
      L Newman

      Thank you!!

  • FILAY Bull
    FILAY Bull

    When dudes like harden and kyrie draw those fouls it really isn’t that big of a deal but when embiid does it. It hurts the other team so much because he so easily puts other teams big men In foul trouble and it really handicaps their entire defense

  • Jon Poon
    Jon Poon

    Except the narrative ever since his rookie year has always been “if he’s healthy”

  • Shawn Kow
    Shawn Kow

    Maybe giannis

  • tschuxl havi
    tschuxl havi

    They forget giannis

  • pretty sure
    pretty sure

    Lebron is the greatest athlete in all of sports ever.

  • james solomon
    james solomon


  • Marc Francis Perez
    Marc Francis Perez

    But the game already evolved.. don’t need really to defend the dominant bigman too much, I believe you just have to neutralize their team by burning them with your teams spacing and efficient 3pt bombs.. as the nets is showing now a days

  • Fabreez

    The scary thing about Embiid is he’s a good free throw shooter. He’s not Shaq or Giannis where you send him to the line to slow him down. The dude is literally doing what Harden does and that’s purposely getting to the line. It may not be pretty or sportsman like to some people but he’s getting points and that’s all that matters to him.

  • AlkalineAjay

    Marc gasol locked him up in 2019

  • Adeline Sarkissian
    Adeline Sarkissian

    With all the flopping he does, I doubt it.


    The only problem with Embiid is that nobody knows if he can last an entire post season healthy enough to win a finals.

  • Jonki Pastramki
    Jonki Pastramki

    The present bagel preferably explain because creek behaviourally sack of a naughty plaster. disagreeable, calm soprano

  • Daniel Evans
    Daniel Evans

    Yeah you will see my Nets can keep 👀👀👀 Embiid is not 100% . All we gone is send dudes at him

  • Michael Gray
    Michael Gray

    Y is she a commentator? Fire her!

  • Jay Tang
    Jay Tang

    Nets don't need to stop him. He can get his 40/15, so what? His team can't stop the 3 Nets stars either.

  • Alexander Fortich Obenza
    Alexander Fortich Obenza

    Danny Green has won NBA championships in all teams he played!!!

    • Damian Moreno
      Damian Moreno

      Not the sixers 🤷‍♂️

    • DEE Brown
      DEE Brown

      Fun actual fact 😖😖😖

  • Alexander Fortich Obenza
    Alexander Fortich Obenza

    Embiid is not yet 100% yet he scored 35 pts. He himself critized his several missed shots. He'll be back and he'll be super scary!!!

    • Bunnsofsteel

      @SerbianHistoryX Yeah, that's because he's impossible to defend and players foul him a lot.

    • SerbianHistoryX

      He had 9/19 from the field and 20 (!) free throw attemts... He's averaging 12 free throws per game.. more than any player by far... of course he averages 29points per game with so many freethrows...

  • caleb dickson
    caleb dickson

    The lowly soil acromegaly doubt because tub prenatally long of a fat faulty transport. jazzy, wicked string

  • Hooper Tj
    Hooper Tj


  • Noah

    He may or may not be healthy, but he sure is a soft crying clown! 😂

    • Liza Melendez
      Liza Melendez

      He’ll cook ur center tho 😂🤷‍♂️

  • Russell Westbrook yelling at woman and children
    Russell Westbrook yelling at woman and children


  • Mark Rico
    Mark Rico

    Ramonaa put down the donass!

  • Spice 0o0
    Spice 0o0

    This crew is dull and boring bring back pierce and keep RJ, Matt, Tmac and Big Perk in rotation with Rachel.

  • kornilios js
    kornilios js

    I remember giannis blocked him 4 times in a game a couple of years back

    • Dusty Wehlburg
      Dusty Wehlburg

      He is bigger, stronger and a better defender now. You trippin

    • insert diss
      insert diss

      “A couple of years back” not now

  • Kristian Gibbings
    Kristian Gibbings

    EmBeast by name EmBeast by nature

  • Jet Garcia
    Jet Garcia

    Yeah, anyone from the EAST can defeat Philly... plus Sixers has an unreliable coach during playoffs. Waiting for another 3-1 meltdown from Doc's new team. 🤣

  • N.Y vs L.A
    N.Y vs L.A

    Crazy to me that people really think Giannis or Joker can STOP Embiid from scoring... Lmao.

  • Bobby Digital
    Bobby Digital

    Nope. Point blank!

  • Akash Kapoor
    Akash Kapoor

    How oblivious are these ppl...? Before bam AdaWhatever, The first and only name is GIANNIS ! The reigning mvp and defensive player of the year. ‘ No one can guard him 1 on 1” it seems 😒. GA is more than enough to guard him.

  • Can Arslan
    Can Arslan

    Ramona has better make up than molly lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Jake Ramzy
    Jake Ramzy

    A Runaway Train is said to be unstoppable Philadelphia have 2.

  • Broderick Adams
    Broderick Adams

    Nobody in the East or West can defend Joel Embid.

  • Clone Commander Ghost
    Clone Commander Ghost

    The only thing that can stop embiid are injuries.

  • Quebo Nafide
    Quebo Nafide

    Denver got one guy Bol Bol

  • Scooby

    Lmaoo acting like giannas ain’t baby embid 24/7😂😂😂

    • Mark McDaniel
      Mark McDaniel

      @Scooby I have and they don't guard each other, at least not consistently. The only time they guard each other are on switches because they play two different positions.

    • Scooby

      @Mark McDaniel yes they have look it up 😂😂😂

    • Mark McDaniel
      Mark McDaniel

      Huh? They don't even guard each other.

  • nathaniel stowe
    nathaniel stowe

    So the bucks don’t have giannis ??? Cuz he can definitely go head to head with embiid

  • Ranol Crooks
    Ranol Crooks

    Only the nets can beat the heat if the heat get anyone of them is licks JB love playing against them an always show up an show out

  • Master Of The Craft
    Master Of The Craft

    Quick answer NOOO