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  • SoDedicated6

    I swear they were calling Jordan the greatest before he even won a ring he was built up to be the greatest he still had to prove it all on the court witch he did but the league pondered to Jordan the same way they do to LeBron

  • Sam Dom
    Sam Dom

    Why is this a story? It's there rights they can stand for whatever and wear any shirt

  • David Torres
    David Torres

    Finally got tired hearing about Trey Lances “high ceiling”. I watched film on him all day, and I can definitely see why everyone is so high on him. He seems like he can be GREAT. Ball pops out of his hand, seems to be a great leader, goes through progressions quickly, ran a real pro style offense. I’ve fallen in love with him as a prospect. I would rank them: 1. Trevor L 2. Trey Lance 3. Fields/Wilson (Wilson seems more polished right now, Fields has crazy talent) 5. Mac Jones (I don’t think he can do anything that Wilson, Trevor, or Trey can’t. He’s definitely a better passer than Fields but I don’t think the gap is big enough to make up for the athletic difference.)

  • Artise Works
    Artise Works

    MJ is the Greatest!

  • Tanya Salas
    Tanya Salas


  • Steven D. Bennett
    Steven D. Bennett

    I see the new crop of civil rights heroes have the same thing in common: they're criminals resisting arrest. Are there any people of character around? Because it's hard to genuflect to this group. And when will there be a call for black men to take responsibility for the families they abandon?

  • Stephen Price
    Stephen Price

    His record this year says otherwise. You’re not that valuable if your team isn’t winning many games

  • citi360

    Who are these nobody's?

  • taimxr

    Except for -takes bad shots -shoot threes -free throws -shoots too much -winning a championship (also occurs on the “floor”) -makes bad decisions in the clutch -lots of turnovers

  • Ramon Fondren
    Ramon Fondren

    Jacoby funny af lmaoooo

  • Sir smokes a lot Samson
    Sir smokes a lot Samson

    Curry is the goat. Lebron harden Kd all went to better teams. If you thin jokic is the MVP then fine. Make that argument and let’s hit it. You can’t blame steph for not having a better team when everyone making super teams. Who’s your mvp? Steph is a franchise player and is carrying his team on his back. Who’s more valuable then Stephen Curry rn. Please tell me

  • Damian Lumen
    Damian Lumen

    Green is a dellusional idiot! Period!

  • Arvin Aguila
    Arvin Aguila

    Tomorrow s matchup against Denver tomorrow will determine if Steph or joker can win regular season mvp

    • Pɨռxɛł ꂦ
      Pɨռxɛł ꂦ

      Joker gotta still get idc😤🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Beach looking Guy
    Beach looking Guy

    he should fend off a raid of small people. I'd pay $100 for that.

  • Mike Kupidlowski
    Mike Kupidlowski

    Gary is spot on

  • Angel Garza
    Angel Garza

    Honestly a linebacker 55 be getting hurt every year Sean lee on his last year. And some safety help dE help. We can get a tightend free agent

  • Bryan Nav
    Bryan Nav

    I’ was there citie field when Gary hit his 500th HR he deserves to be a Hall of farmer . When I was younger from 04 to 09 I wouldn’t miss a yankees or Mets game, now days I don’t even remember the last time I’ve watched a baseball game barely even know who the stars are. MLB needs to switch something up.

  • Ron Lee
    Ron Lee

    Those comments are not good😂Let's keep it real

  • Tamer Kiykioglu
    Tamer Kiykioglu

    Most exciting players to watch 2020-21 (#1 and #2 most exciting since MJ/Lebron) 1) Steph 2) Zion 3) LaMelo

  • hwillis8

    Everything except win a championship.

  • Nail Jones
    Nail Jones

    Russ absolutely can do everything on the court no doubt

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler

    REFBIID is now 5-6 without Ben Simmons LMAO meanwhile Jokic is winning games without Murray Jokic > Refbiid And Curry is having a great season but his team has failed him so u can count him out Jokic deserves it the most.

  • Rondo Glo
    Rondo Glo

    This did not age well

  • Sam Dom
    Sam Dom

    He's gonna be a pastor when he retires

  • Nate Hull
    Nate Hull

    ESPN sucks

  • a97jones

    I thought Lou Williams got traded. Why is he in a Clippers highlight?

  • kc kc
    kc kc

    Russ may not be a good 3pt shooter, but name me another PG that can do what Russ do, this man had 35pts,14rebs, 21 asts, he's insane

  • Kenneth Malone
    Kenneth Malone

    Magic Johnson was the most skilled teammate ever.

  • Anthony

    Stephen As head shake when max cut him off😂😂

  • C. T.
    C. T.

    Me watching achef as a boy... Me as a grown man signing an 80MM contract.. you can make it too kids.

  • Sam Dom
    Sam Dom

    I love how the reporter tries to get a answer out of him and he brought it back to Jesus. AMEN!

  • Matthew Gaskill
    Matthew Gaskill

    someone take Max's mic

  • robert bishop
    robert bishop

    ESPmsnbc is also court tv!!!

  • Cherub

    He had more boards then steph had points lol

  • James Bergen
    James Bergen

    he didn't even mention the real problem...

  • Joseph Dorino
    Joseph Dorino

    Worst boxer in the and all of MMA that just had hip surgery months before the fight

  • jon t
    jon t

    Wilder is the toughest challenge. You chickened out of you guys agreed upon 3rd fight.

  • Graham Thomas
    Graham Thomas

    Where those the Charmin bears? Do they live with him?

  • Denny Lam
    Denny Lam

    That’s true. He is awesome and can do almost everything. The only problem is Russell is out of control at times especially crucial times. Hence, it hard for any team he leads to win in the playoffs. He should’ve played and developed as a shooting guard instead of a point guard.

  • Cartie King
    Cartie King

    If its against the don luka i would

  • Michael0360

    I’m glad IRbin decided to show me this 3yrs later I would not been able to fully appreciate this 3yrs ago, and to someone reading this 20yrs from now I survived 2020

  • Y3InHisBag

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 omg I had to go back to this

  • Ishmael Moh
    Ishmael Moh

    Lol. He fixed his teeth. 😂 Them pearly whites are straight af

  • TheKos2Kos

    So aggressiom is a huge factor in being the best offensive player? Man i miss when defenders were allowed to be aggresive too before late 2000s rule changes

  • Anthony Havens
    Anthony Havens

    Smith is always running his big fat loud mouth about something.

  • BigLumReacts

    He can do everything but shoot threes 🤣🤣🤣

  • Noyce Gaming
    Noyce Gaming

    Crazy how he's 35 but he and Bam looks like twins

  • Chayim Clark
    Chayim Clark

    Justin Fields is literally everything they say about Trey Lance but actually threw in college. People hype up 28 touchdowns to 0 interceptions lol But Fields threw 41 touchdowns to 3 interceptions the same year...I hope Trey Lance is successful but Fields is the QB with the highest upside in the draft lol I hope my niners draft Fields and not go off what ifs

  • Chase Stephens
    Chase Stephens

    Curry for MVP

  • Tyler Theurer
    Tyler Theurer

    I don't think it is that hard to view the MVP as the best player, with the best individual season, who contributes most to his team, and who has the most dramatic effect on his team's record. All those factors weigh in. Mitchell, Booker, Paul... all great players but they are not having the years that Curry is, nor are they his level of elite in terms of performances. Curry is the only guy being considered for MVP who doesn't have another all-star on his team so that has to be a point in his favor, since it was used as a point against him in the past that "he had too much help," right? His team is the very worst in the NBA when he doesn't play (8 games, tailbone), and is above .500 when he does. Actually their winning percentage with him would have them in the #4 seed right now. There is no argument against Steph Curry except bias of some sort. Nobody talks about how Steph added muscle and has actually become an above average defender this season. Sometimes the MVP award is ambiguous, but every once in a while there is a clear cut "most valuable player" who means more and does more for his team than anyone else. Steph is that guy this season.

  • The Sordid Singer
    The Sordid Singer

    Everything outside of shooting & making good decisions...😉

  • Clayton Björk
    Clayton Björk

    I wish they'd stop crossing MMA and boxing and stick to their own sports... nothing proves anything..all about the $$$$ I suppose


    Are the Knicks good?

  • john blaze
    john blaze

    I Wouldnt bet against steph but would bet against that team

  • Sir smokes a lot Samson
    Sir smokes a lot Samson

    People want to hear what they want and before I listen please tell me why steph is the MVP because I already feel like he is, and I don’t wanna hear differently

  • JazzMonk

    Receipts, doc!

  • Alec Parker
    Alec Parker

    2021 NFL Mock Draft Jags- Trevor Lawerence Jets- Justin Fields 49ers- Trey Lance Falcons- Kyle Pitts Bengals- Rashawn Slater Broncos (via trade with Dolphins)- Zach Wilson Lions- JaMarr Chase Panthers- Penei Sewell Dolphins (via trade with Broncos)- Jaylen Waddle Cowboys- Jaycee Horn Giants- Micah Parsons Eagles- Devonta Smith Chargers- Patrick Surtain Vikings- Jaelan Phillips Patriots- Mac Jones Cardinals- Caleb Farley Raiders- Teven Jenkins Dolphins- Zaven Collins Football Team- Christian Darrisaw Bears- Alijah Vera Tucker Colts- Kwity Paye Titans- Rashod Bateman Jets- Greg Newsome Steelers- Najee Harris Jags- Trevon Moehrig Browns- Jeremiah Owusu Koramoah Ravens- Joe Tryon Saints- Elijah Moore Packers- Samuel Cosmi Bills- Payton Turner Chiefs- Dillon Radunz Bucs- Christian Barmore

  • Michelle Ezeugo
    Michelle Ezeugo

    Mac Jones. He’s the awesomeness

  • MrRay

    Giannis just got an extra life. If the doesn't win the east this year with BK injured then he'll never win it.

  • Alon Jones
    Alon Jones

    He can do everything but win titles LOL😂

  • Logan Black
    Logan Black

    Matt Barnes looks odd talking basketball with those white ladies.

  • Clippa Marshall
    Clippa Marshall

    DRose Got The Knicks Ballin!!!

  • anthony

    Bucks gonna win it all. You heard it here folks


    honestly Jorge is very underrated with his stand up game for sure man.

  • OneAboveAll

    There’s no chance for Dallas Mavericks in play-in since they wont be there

  • jamricsloe

    Lebron is a bigot. He's solely responsible for the decline in popularity of the NBA. Was the lady in pink's life not worth saving?

  • CripticK1ng

    honestly he should he beat wilt chamberlain's record, had 11 straight games of 32+, averaging most points in the league and carrying a gleague team

    • lol lol
      lol lol

      @Trey Bens but that was last year...

    • CripticK1ng

      @Trey Bens im sorry but your delusional if you dont agree with what im saying

    • Trey Bens
      Trey Bens

      G League team? Kelly Oubre averaged 18 last year Andrew Wiggins averaged a dub last year And he can’t get that team to .500?

  • John Man
    John Man

    He is not the MVP. Steph knows it himself. I just think he was being sarcastically dramatic when he said that. It's going to Jokic.

  • Alfredo Alvarez_1187
    Alfredo Alvarez_1187

    I watch this when I need a laugh

  • Bolo L
    Bolo L

    Legendary guy. I rank him in the top 5 greatest player of our time.

  • coconutt

    I bet Ramona got a mean cook game.

  • Sanjay Barnes
    Sanjay Barnes

    Steph Curry and Kevin Durant are equal. I do not know why people still have this bias when it comes to Curry. Whatever one lacks the other has it. This is why they are equal.

  • monétbabyy

    nowadays we all know melo the best but ik gelo been working hard and zo is just focused on his daughter which is good

  • Havoc

    Yes he can, except to win a chip. Lol

  • TanTanAnime

    If this was a normal year he wouldn’t be in the playoffs, he’s not the mvp

    • Jaden P.
      Jaden P.

      Did you live in a rock for the past 7 years? This man won 3 🏆 out of 5 trips. If it was normal, he'll have a better chance of winning a ring than you getting laid. 😉

  • Collin Lee
    Collin Lee

    If julian is a HOFer than Rod Smith should be also

  • javier book shadows contributor du
    javier book shadows contributor du

    31st comment x Ray ones I use it on Rachel

  • Jack Pig
    Jack Pig

    Except make good decisions. Clown.

  • John Man
    John Man

    I mean it's a team game. So it will depend on if the team plays well. It will also depend on if Steph gets hot.